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Pastor Training Program for Aramaic

The Pastor Training Program for Aramaic is Jesus Spoke Aramaic's flagship 12-month Study Program designed to provide Pastors, Ministers, Teachers, Church Leaders or Seminary Lecturers with the knowledge, skills and resources you need to teach Aramaic to your own Bible students and/or committed Bible believers. It is also suitable for highly motivated individuals who have a passion for learning Aramaic, who ideally already know some Hebrew, and who want to progress faster and further than is possible with any other method.

Over this 12 month Study Program, you will leverage your existing knowledge of the Bible, and of Hebrew and Greek, to not only learn the core grammar of the Aramaic New Testament, but also to learn potentially thousands of words of vocabulary. Using techniques from our Private Coaching Program, you will steer your learning towards any and all aspects of Aramaic that are of interest to you and/or the group, to benefit your ability to teach Aramaic to others.

Not only will you leverage the uniquely effective methods taught by Jesus Spoke Aramaic to learn HOW to learn Aramaic yourself, and HOW to teach it to others, you will truly be empowered to understand how Aramaic complements Bible study, including Hebrew and Greek, and how you can leverage all Original Languages together to inform your Bible study in the future, running your own classes if desired.

Learning Aramaic takes time, and this Study Program will provide you with the skills, methodology, knowledge and approach you need to be able to read and understand the Aramaic New Testament effectively, using a Lexicon or similar resources when necessary.

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Brochure Pastor Training Program .pdf July 12, 2017 2.22 MB Download

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Key Highlights of this Study Program

  • This incredible and totally unique Pastor Training Program is exclusive to
  • This is a very special Study Program which is STRICTLY LIMITED to individuals with private tuition, or to a small group of individuals.
  • This Program is a world exclusive which has never been launched before, it is being broadcast across all continents, and demand is sure to far exceed the number of places. You need to act quickly to be enrolled.
  • Due to the amount of Ewan's time involved, this Training Program is STRICTLY LIMITED to a maximum of 12 individual participants ONLY.
  • Get bespoke weekly tuition and coaching to make sure you proceed at the fastest possible pace for you and/or the group.
  • Ideally suited for Pastors, Bible Teachers or Lecturers, or motivated individuals who have a passion for learning Aramaic.
  • Full, unlimited access to the Jesus Spoke Aramaic website for 12 months.
  • Instant access to 100+ hours of Video Lessons and related Study material.
  • Weekly Individual and/or Group Teaching and Coaching with Ewan personally by Skype or Live Webinar.
  • Unlimited email access to Ewan personally, with questions and concerns answered individually, or via Webinars and/or custom video explanations.
  • Accountability to help you stay motivated and on track for the duration of the Program.
  • Uses individual Bible texts to study, of your choice.
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Brochure Pastor Training Program .pdf July 12, 2017 2.22 MB Download

Overview of Topics To Be Covered

  • Work towards an understanding of the Aramaic New Testament, in both grammar and vocabulary, by leveraging any/all existing knowledge of Hebrew and Greek.
  • Teaching/coaching sessions individually tailored to your individual needs and abilities.
  • Understand, learn and apply all the accelerated learning techniques developed by Jesus Spoke Aramaic.
  • Obtain access to all resources specially created for you and the group.
  • Be able to use, adapt or customize Jesus Spoke Aramaic's resources for your own students, or develop your own independent curriculum.
  • You will be provided with life-long skills that will help you no matter what you do in the future – whether you want to learn more Aramaic, or Hebrew, or even Greek.
  • Learn many practical methods for accelerated learning of Biblical languages.
  • Learn HOW people learn, and how YOU can teach these techniques to others.
  • Learn HOW to bulk-learn Aramaic and/or Hebrew vocabulary through different approaches.
  • Learn potentially thousands of words of Aramaic vocabulary and learn the core grammar of the Aramaic New Testament.
  • Gain insights into Aramaic that will enrich your understanding of the Bible forever, and help you to understand and interpret the Bible better.
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Brochure Pastor Training Program .pdf July 12, 2017 2.22 MB Download

Who is the Pastor Training Program for?

Few today understand the incredible heritage that Aramaic has to offer Bible students of all levels. Despite being inter-woven into the Biblical text and the cultural history of both the Old and New Testaments, Aramaic is today massively under-represented in Bible studies and today's generation of Bible studies. Ewan's mission in life is to change all that, to ensure that Aramaic is better known and understood by today's generation of Bible students, and that it regains its rightful place at the heart of the study of God's Word.

This Pastor Training Program is for enthusiastic Pastors, Ministers, Lecturers and Church Leaders across the world who share that vision, and who want to understand Aramaic and how it can be used for Biblical exegesis and the interpretation of Bible passages. Aramaic is almost unknown by today's generation of Bible students.

By taking part in this Study Program, you will be inspired to understand the full importance of Aramaic, and to understand Aramaic more deeply than ever before. The Program will be individually tailored to you, allowing you to leverage any and all existing knowledge.

If you long for a closer relationship with God and with His son Jesus, to know Jesus better and serve him more faithfully, and to establish a closer spiritual connection with the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the Pastor Training Program for Aramaic is designed specially with you in mind.

Ewan MacLeod is an Award-winning author, visionary, and creator of the website His vision is to bring Aramaic to a mainstream audience and work towards making Aramaic center-stage in the field of Biblical studies.

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Brochure Pastor Training Program .pdf July 12, 2017 2.22 MB Download