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The Hebrew Accents (Cantillation Marks) Course Overview


If you are interested in Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Aramaic, this is a highly recommended Course after you have completed the Genesis Reading Practice Course. This is a self-contained Course looking at the Hebrew Accents (Teamim), also known as Cantillation Marks.

What are the Hebrew Cantillation Marks? Well, in the Hebrew text handed down by the Massoretes (or even before the time of the Massoretes!) the Hebrew text has had a number of marks called accents (teamim in Hebrew). These marks are in addition to, and separate from, the nikud or vowel points.

These Accents or Teamim serve two purposes:

  • They have a musical function, in providing notes for the cantor to sing (or chant) the Biblical text in public reading.
  • They serve a grammatical purpose, in helping to beak down the verse of the Biblical text into smaller and smaller divisions, and telling you which words to combine together, and which are separated - in a similar way to commas, semicolons and periods in an English text.

Now, these Cantillation Marks are ignored in nearly all Hebrew and Aramaic grammars because they are so little understood. However, it turns out that they are, in fact, enormously useful in understanding the Biblical text - even for beginners.

Therefore, in this Course we explain everything you need to know to use the Accents to better understand the Hebrew text. You will struggle to find this complicated subject explained better elsewhere!

This Course also serves as an excellent introduction to learning further Biblical Hebrew grammar, as well as other more detailed and systematic courses in Biblical Hebrew.

Course Prerequisites:

The following are Prerequisites for this Course:

Course Duration:

Typically 1-2 weeks if you are working on it every day, but it depends on your experience and how much you know already. However, you can complete this Course in your own time and at your own pace.

Course Cost:

The Course is free to Subscribers and is available once you have Subscribed.

Next Course:

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