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A Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is Available...

What is the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program?

Are you serious about learning Hebrew and/or Aramaic? Would you like to learn in the fastest possible way, from the comfort of your own home, at hours suitable for you? Would you like an approach specifically customised for you, for your individual learning style and ability, leveraging everything you already know?

If so, then the Private Hebrew/Coaching Program may be EXACTLY what you are looking for... Quite simply, I PERSONALLY will teach you. This will be nothing like anything else you have EVER experienced!

Ewan MacLeod's is, by far, the biggest and best website in the world dedicated to learning Aramaic in the context of the Holy Scriptures. I provide a wealth of resources to help you learn Aramaic, including Aramaic and Hebrew Bibles, a range of DVDs, Audio CDs, Workbooks, Study Guides, books and quality Study Programs. I have literally HUNDREDS of video lessons arranged in categories including the History & Background of Aramaic, the Aramaic Alphabet, Biblical Aramaic, the Aramaic Peshitta Old and New Testaments, and the Aramaic Targums.

These resources are comprehensive and ideal if you are self-motivated and self-directed, and if you want to systematically study Hebrew and/or Aramaic at your own pace, in your own time, and at a reasonable cost.

On the other hand, you may long to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic at a much faster pace, under supervision, being motivated, and you are able to put in significant time and effort to achieve your goals in a MUCH shorter time period than usual. Or you may have specific needs (such as wanting to learn certain passages of Hebrew and/or Aramaic in the Holy Scriptures) but you do not know how, or you do not know where to start, or you do not have the resources available to help you.

Or you may be interested in Aramaic, but you also have a strong interest in Hebrew.  In fact, over the years I have found that Hebrew and/or Aramaic together are often where many people's interests lie. You may want to start with Aramaic, but then you become more interested in Hebrew. Or you might start learning Hebrew but you become more interested in Aramaic. Or maybe your interest lies only in Hebrew, or only in Aramaic - or a combination of the two, with some Modern Hebrew as well!

This is where the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program can help! If you want to learn Aramaic only, or Hebrew only, or a combination of the two in a blend that you decide, then the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching program may be exactly what you are looking for. If you need help achieving your goals, or if your goals are specific, and if you are willing to put in time and effort to make faster progress than you ever imagined possible, and if you know what you want to achieve, then I can help!

The creator of this website, Ewan MacLeod, will PERSONALLY work with you to define your goals and desires in connection with either Hebrew or Aramaic (or both). I will understand where you are now in terms of knowledge and experience, then design a highly personalized and custom Study Program tailored JUST FOR YOU. I will then PERSONALLY work with you to help you achieve your goals. There is nothing like this available anywhere else, and it may be exactly what you need to attain your dreams and goals. Can you imagine how exciting it is to read the Original Languages of the Holy Scriptures and TRULY understand them? This will be a transformational and life-changing experience!

If you choose to participate in this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program, and if I accept you, then I will work closely with you each week (or whatever time period works best for you), to give you new resources as and when you need them, even if that means creating resources especially for you, to help you reach your goals, dreams and ambitions faster than you ever thought possible.

If this would be of interest to you, then keep reading...

Or, if you are not quite sure yet, and if you want help to decide whether the Private Coaching Program is right for you, just enter your details into the form below, and I will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and send you further information about how the Private Coaching Program works, and how it could benefit you...

Alternatively, if you have already read the information below and just want to get started already, then click the PayPal button below and choose how many Sessions you want from the following Payment page.

Who is this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program For?

This unique Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is ideal for you, if:

  • You are highly motivated and are prepared to commit time to learning Hebrew and/or Aramaic outside of the (usually weekly) sessions.
  • You really want to learn Hebrew, or Aramaic, or a blend of both.
  • You find the thought of being able to read and understand the Holy Scriptures in the original languages very exciting!
  • You have gaps in your knowledge in certain areas.
  • You most likely have specific areas that you want to learn about - and those could be anything that is of interest to you.
  • You want to understand specific passages of Scripture.
  • You want to learn at the fastest possible pace - days instead of weeks, weeks instead of months, or months instead of years!
  • You have blockages that currently hinder you, such as feeling that there are areas you do not understand, or you need to work time around other work/life commitments, or you lack certain resources, or you are overwhelmed by the amount to learn, and so on.
  • You have lots of questions to which you need answers!

If that sounds like you, then this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is exactly what you need, right now, in your journey towards understanding the Word of God more intimately.

The Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is open to you if you fit the above criteria, but in particular:

  • Current knowledge is NOT important. Whether you know next to nothing, or you are already very experienced, I will work with you to develop a custom path that takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be - in the fastest possible time.
  • Geography is not a barrier. While my geography is limited, yours does not have to be. We will work flexibly over the Internet at agreed days and times that work for you.
  • Age is not a barrier. This Coaching Program is open for young and old alike. Desire, plus a willingness to learn, is all I need from you!
  • Gender is not a barrier. The Coaching Program works for both males and females alike, depending on your individual goals and aspirations.
  • Beliefs are not a barrier. This Coaching Program is a non-denominational approach designed purely to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic in connection with the Bible, and is free of doctrinal bias and sectarianism.
  • Background is not a barrier. In fact, I will adapt the Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching resources and material to fit in with your background and current knowledge.

Who is this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program NOT For?

This Coaching Program is definitely NOT for everyone. That is deliberate.

First of all, my time is limited, so I can only ever work with a very small number of individuals at any one time. The number is limited, and you may need to wait until a slot becomes available. The sessions also need a significant amount of my time behind the scenes to plan and to make customized resources available just for you. My time is limited and does not scale.

Second, to help you advance at the most rapid pace possible, I really need you to be motivated and commit time outside of our (usually weekly) sessions. While the Coaching Program WILL help to excite and motivate you, and we can work round whatever time you can commit to, YOU must be prepared to put in effort as well.

Third, there is (of necessity) a significant cost to the Coaching Program and this, unfortunately, makes it unsuitable for some people. The cost is dependent on my time, because I will spend a lot of time and effort working with you and creating resources for you behind the scenes.

Therefore, if you are not particularly motivated, if you do not really have a strong desire to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, and if you cannot really commit time to learning, then this Coaching Program is not ideal for you. You will be better served by subscribing to the website and progressing at your own pace in your own time, without me to help. Maybe this Private Coaching Program would be a better fit for you at a later stage. Alternatively, the Study Programs may be what you need at present.

On the other hand, if you are motivated, if you know what you want to achieve, if results are important, and if cost is less important than time, then this Coaching program is IDEALLY SUITED to you!

Why Is This Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program So Effective?

In the video below, I explain the journey through which I personally learned Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

What you will find is that conventional methods of learning Biblical Languages - such as reading through a Grammar - just don't work, or at least don't work quickly enough for you to see real progress and be motivated enough to keep going. Most people buy a grammar, but it ends up on the shelf, unused (or barely used) for years.

I had this problem too. I made progress, but not in the timescales that I wanted.

But then I found what works... And this revolutionised my progress in learning Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. I am now in a position to help you learn these Original Languages of the Holy Scriptures.

In this video, then, I explain my journey into the world of learning the original Biblical Languages, and how I found methods and approaches that work, and work fast. This explains why the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program really works - because I can help you with the same journey that I myself have taken. I will open up to you all the resources I have used in the past, and/or I will create new resources especially for you - depending on what books of the Bible, or what languages, you most want to learn.

And remember - although the primary focus of this website is Aramaic, these methods also work for Hebrew (and even Biblical Greek). If you come to this website also interested in Biblical Hebrew, the Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program allows you to leverage both languages together for even faster progress!

So go ahead and watch the video below, and see why conventional approaches to learning Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek just do not work - and why this Private Coaching program is so exciting if you want to massively accelerate your learning!

Watch The Video

Lessons Learned

Here are the main lessons that you can learn from my journey:

  • First, it took time. As I say on the website, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  • There were long stretches of time when I learned, but just not very profitably. Reading through a grammar, for instance, was beneficial but slow.
  • It is better to keep Grammars as reference works, dipping into them only when you need to.
  • It is critical to learn vocabulary as you go along, learning the commonest words first.
  • Learning vocabulary is essential. This is what leap-frogs progress in an amazing way.
  • Luckily, I developed some very unique ways to learn huge amounts of vocabulary quickly, using spreadsheets. I can help you with that :-)
  • Reading the Bible text alongside learning vocabulary was what resulted in really breakthrough progress. It also grew confidence and helped increase motivation.

During this Coaching Program, of course, I will help you to learn the fastest possible way. I have pioneered these revolutionary ways of learning Hebrew and Aramaic (and Greek!) and I can help you, too. Don't waste your time with other approaches.


What is the difference between Teaching and Coaching?

This Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is about COACHING, rather than just TEACHING. What is the difference?

Teaching is generally curriculum based. It is run by a teacher who takes students through a fixed, designated course with pre-arranged topics. It is, by definition, a one-size-fits-all approach. For some students, the pace will be too slow, and they will get bored and stop. For other students, the pace will be too fast and they will get left behind. Hopefully YOU will fall somewhere in the middle!

By contrast, coaching is tailored, highly customized, and designed for YOUR individual needs. It goes at YOUR pace. It is for YOU, and YOU ONLY. It covers what YOU want, and what YOU need. We will change pace. We will change direction if you want to. Sometimes we will go fast, if you are happy with that. Sometimes we will go slow and cover difficult subjects slowly. We will move on when YOU are ready. But more importantly, we will chart a route through an immense amount of possible knowledge, to find the path that fits you the best. Think of it as safely being led through a maze of possibilities, by someone who knows the maze inside out. Or being walked to the summit of a mountain, by an expert who knows the mountain, the local weather conditions, who has the right equipment, who knows the best route, who knows what pitfalls and routes to avoid.

Think of Teaching as being like taking a tour in a boat round the harbor and a mile out to sea, then back, along with all the other tourists. Think of Coaching as being like chartering a sailing boat and a crew, and sailing out to an island or a destination of your choice, having fun, going to another island or city of your choice, staying for a while if you want, or setting sail for another destination – and the journey can last as long or as short as you wish. You can go anywhere, see anything, go at your pace, and you are in full control.

It's a lot of fun.

How does the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program work?

The most effective way of working is for you to commit to a fixed number of sessions, according to your desired goals and available budget. We will typically have weekly sessions, with homework and other resources for you in between sessions. This way, you will start seeing major benefits right from the very start, which will only increase as the weeks go by. You can use your sessions as and when you want.

We will typically have weekly meetings over Skype, using Shared Desktop, so that I can show you what I am explaining. That way, we can share screens, talk over the Internet, and it will be almost like being in the same room and sharing a desktop/laptop together.

I will create a goal-oriented personal plan for you over the coming few weeks, and we will work together to achieve that in our weekly meetings. Meetings usually last about half an hour or so, or slightly longer. I can help you with anything you are finding difficult, we can talk over your goals together, and you will be very motivated and excited to keep going! You will see your dreams and goals being fulfilled in front of your very eyes as the weeks go by... And you will love it! The Word of God will open up to you in a way that you never thought possible!

We will start by going through some exercises together which will:

  • Explain to you how I learned Hebrew and Aramaic, and why I can make some very unique learning approaches and resources available to you.
  • Define exactly why you want to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, and what you want to get out of the Private Coaching Program.
  • Define exactly where you are right now, in terms of knowledge, etc.
  • Define exactly where you want to be, and what you want to become, in terms of your knowledge of Hebrew and/or Aramaic.
  • Define what constraints you have, and what blockages might be stopping you. That could be literally anything - you might lack the motivation or commitment to keep going, you might need someone to teach you, you might have a lack of specific resources, you might not know HOW to progress, you might have too many options and you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, you might have too many questions, you might be getting distracted, you might not understand grammar, or you could be struggling with vocabulary, or just about anything else.

Based on defining the above areas, I will create a custom pathway for you through all possible resources that are available. I will create new resources for you if none are available (where possible!). I will create systematic goals for you for the duration of the coaching session and beyond, so that you can start to make progress on YOUR goals in a series of achievable steps. I will work with you closely in future sessions so that you reach goal after goal after goal, in a way that you could never have imagined possible.

In short, I will take you from where you are now in your current knowledge of Hebrew and/or Aramaic, to where you want to be in your ideal world. I will be your guide and mentor as you walk a journey that I have already walked many times, in several Biblical languages.

I have full access to all the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek resources in BibleWorks, Accordance, Logos, e-Sword that you will ever need, and I will leverage all those (and many more resources) to your advantage.

I can help you learn vocabulary like you have never learned before. I can help you read those ancient Hebrew and/or Aramaic texts of the Holy Scriptures, in a way that is exciting and engaging. You will make progress in a way that you never imagined possible.

And it will all be fun. You will ENJOY doing this, because this is your journey into your heart's innermost desires. You will accomplish what you have always wanted to do.

Cost and Payment

I have worked hard to think of a way to make the benefits of the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program available to as many people as possible, in a way that is suitable for everyone - whether you only want a few sessions to get started, or if you know you want to commit for a long time.

To cater for all scenarios, you can simply buy as many individual Private Coaching sessions as you want, or as many as you feel you need. You can use the PayPal button below to do this. (Be sure to select the number of sessions that you want to purchase).

Each session costs just $69, and this includes full access to the website, and a 30 minute Coaching session over Skype (normally these are held once a week). You will also have unlimited email access to me to ask questions, and I will generally prepare extra lessons or other resources that you will need. In this way, you will easily have enough work to last a full week, and you will make good progress as the weeks go by. Of course, you could work to a faster or slower pace depending on your individual needs.

Once you have booked, I will make my Calendar open to you, and you can simply book each session when you want. This way, you will find a day/time that is suitable for your country and Time Zone. (I live in the UK).

Get Started!

Click the PayPal button below to get started, and choose how many Sessions you want from the following Payment page.