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After studying Aramaic and developing a taste for, and an understanding of, the Original Languages of Scripture, many people want to progress to the next step - learning Hebrew. Aramaic and Hebrew are closely related languages, and a knowledge of one will help you to appreciate both languages better. While we have several ways to help you learn Biblical Hebrew, many people want to learn Modern Hebrew. Biblical and Modern Hebrew are closely related, but Modern Hebrew is better if your aim is to be able to converse in Hebrew, or to visit Israel.

The "best" way to learn Modern Hebrew is to attend a good Hebrew Ulpan (a dedicated language school) in Israel, where you can be immersed in Hebrew and surrounded by Hebrew speakers. However, attending an Ulpan in Israel is an expensive option, and requires you to move away from home for around six months and learn Hebrew full-time, with no income during that time. Even though this is the best and fastest way to learn Hebrew, for most people it is not an option.

If you can't attend a Hebrew Ulpan in Israel, the next best way to learn Modern Hebrew is to take part in the Virtual Hebrew Classes run by the Rosen School of Hebrew. You will be surrounded by fellow students online, all learning Hebrew at the same level together. Here is how they work:

  • Classes are run by Israeli teachers in Israel - teachers whose mother tongue is Hebrew, who have grown up with Hebrew all their lives, who are highly qualified Hebrew teachers, and whose knowledge of Hebrew is much higher than ordinary Israelis.
  • Several levels of Hebrew classes are held weekly at regular, convenient times.
  • People around the world connect to the Hebrew classes from their home, via a broadband connection, using headphones and speakers.
  • You see the Hebrew lessons being taught on your computer screen. You listen to the Hebrew teacher and the other students. You can ask questions. You are truly immersed in Hebrew, just as if you were attending a Hebrew Ulpan in person in Israel.
  • You are given a student locker with access to further Hebrew learning resources. Unlike an Ulpan, you can re-play all the lessons again and again, in your own time.

The key to learning Hebrew properly is to be immersed in the language, but immersed at the right level and pace. You need to understand what is being said, and to pick up new Hebrew words and grammar steadily. You need to speak Hebrew with other students who are also at that level. To do this, the Rosen School of Hebrew provides five levels of Hebrew classes, from A (beginners) to E (fluent). This ensures that you can be immersed at the right level - not too easy, but not too hard. You can review previous lessons in Hebrew throughout the week.

Will learning Hebrew this way work for you? If you cannot attend a Hebrew Ulpan in person, learning Hebrew using virtual classes is by far the best option. Over time, you can literally progress all the way from beginner to advanced level. You can stop and ask questions. You can talk to other students. You can progress at your pace. You can review the lessons. You can learn new Hebrew vocabulary week after week. You will learn Hebrew grammar as and when you need to. Learning Hebrew this way, using modern technology, is a dream come true. If you truly desire to learn Hebrew, to speak the Holy Language with Israelis and Jews from around the world, you simply have to try this.

It is our heart's desire to encourage everyone around the world to learn both Hebrew, the Holy Language, and Aramaic, the second Holy Language. What goal could be more worthy than this? Hebrew and Aramaic are the languages of the Jewish people, of the Hebrew Bible, and of Jesus and the disciples. Why not purpose in your heart to learn Hebrew today? It doesn't matter what age you are. It doesn't matter whether you have tried other methods before. Imagine how much Hebrew you could learn in six months, or in one year, or in two years from now, using an approach that has been proven to work.

Will the path be easy? Maybe not. Will the journey be long? Maybe so. But think about this quote from Rabbi Talfon:

The day is short, the work is much, the laborers are slothful. It is not incumbent upon you to finish the job, however, neither are you free from doing all you can to complete it.

Rabbi Talfon

In other words, just get started on this journey. Start learning Hebrew today. Just get started. Don't put the task off for another time. You must have a dream in life, otherwise you will never have your dream come true. Your dream should be to learn both Aramaic and Hebrew.

Only you can make this happen. Start the journey. Having a dream is the only way that your dream will come true...

Click on the links on this page to find out more, and for a further explanation of how the whole process works.

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Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments and questions about learning Modern Hebrew in a virtual classroom situation!