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Press Release - January 13, 2015, A New Website For Learning Aramaic

Ewan MacLeod, an international Bible speaker and authority on Aramaic, today announces the launch of a new and exciting website called Its ambitious goal is to bring Aramaic to the world, and show what this beautiful and ancient language can offer Bible believers as they study God's Word.

Aramaic was the language spoken by Jesus and the disciples, in which the Gospel was first preached. Learning this beautiful and ancient language will enrich the lives of all who come to it, and will make the pages of the Bible come alive to this modern generation. makes Aramaic accessible for all Bible believers of all faiths and backgrounds.

This high-quality video website provides fascinating and highly original video lessons dedicated to teaching and promoting Aramaic in the context of the Bible, and leading Bible believers everywhere back to a more authentic, Bible-based Christianity. It offers a large and growing number of online audio-visual lessons about all aspects of Aramaic and the Scriptures, helping you to understand Aramaic and how it can benefit your study of the Bible, with groups of lessons all the way from complete beginner through to advanced material.

If you long for a deeper love and knowledge of the Holy Bible, is everything you have been searching for. A knowledge of Aramaic is the key that will enrich your understanding of the New Testament and the Bible, and provides the foundation needed to open up the rich and fascinating world of Aramaic to everyone. provides fascinating lessons explaining the history and background of Aramaic, and amazing step-by-step videos introducing you to every single letter of the Aramaic Alphabet and how to pronounce and write it. For any Bible student curious about Aramaic, will be the start of a fun and rewarding journey.

Other online video lessons explain the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament, Biblical Aramaic, the Jewish Targums (ancient translations of the Old Testament) and the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament. The website explains, step by step, why an understanding of the Aramaic Peshitta helps explain and resolve literally hundreds of problems that Bible sceptics often bring up.

A link to the original Press Release can be found on Christian News Wire.

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