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As well as increasing your knowledge of Aramaic, the aim of this website is to provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Original Languages of the Holy Bible. We want this website to be a stepping-stone as you progress in your studies of the Scriptures, rather than an end in itself.

Since Aramaic and Hebrew are so closely related, leveraging your knowledge of Aramaic to learn Biblical Hebrew will increase your understanding of both these Scriptural languages. We have searched for high quality partners who have a proven track record in teaching Biblical Hebrew.

While we have found high quality partners (the Rosen School of Hebrew and the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies) that teaches Biblical Hebrew through online virtual classes, you might prefer audio-visual multimedia lessons. The Biblical Hebrew virtual classes by the Rosen School of Hebrew and the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies are better suited for people who prefer a virtual classroom setting and the ability to ask the teacher questions, and interact (live) with other students. By contrast, Read the Hebrew Bible takes the alternative approach of having a growing multimedia lessons which you study at your own pace, with a forum where you can ask questions. Many people may prefer this approach. Both approaches work well for different people, and both are highly recommended.

In the case of Read the Hebrew Bible, just imagine if you had a personal tutor, an expert in the Hebrew Bible, who would sit down with you, and start systematically explaining every word in the Tanakh, starting from Genesis. Imagine if your Biblical Hebrew tutor would systematically explain the grammar, the vocabulary, the translation, the connections between words, word by word, and phrase by phrase in the Tanakh. You would learn far more, far faster, than struggling with a book on Hebrew Grammar, or learning Hebrew grammar on your own. You would understand Hebrew far better than you ever thought possible.

Just imagine how fast you would understand the Hebrew Bible with this approach! Your understanding would leap-frog ahead of other methods. You would learn vocabulary and grammar in the context of actual verses from the Hebrew Bible. You would see connections between words that you would never spot yourself.

Well, this is no longer a dream. This approach is now a reality. But rather than paying for a private tutor to sit by your side every day and systematically teach you the Hebrew of the Bible, you can do this yourself using the online, multimedia video course available from Read the Hebrew Bible.

The creator of this Biblical Hebrew multimedia video course has produced a whole set of video tutorials on the Hebrew Bible, starting with Genesis. Here is how it works:

  • You access the audio-visual lessons online, using your computer and broadband connection.
  • You proceed at your own pace, free to re-do lessons any time you want to.
  • New lessons are introduced systematically, week after week, allowing you to proceed at a steady, sustainable pace.
  • You can review all previous lessons, replay them, conduct them at your own pace, take notes while you are listening, and so on.
  • You will be taught systematically, from the Hebrew Bible itself, in small chunks of verses, using a series of online videos which teach you every aspect of those verses. The Hebrew vocabulary, the Hebrew grammar, the meaning of the words, connections between words, the translation, and everything else, is taught together in a holistic way. You are introduced to new features of the Hebrew language as and when you need them.
  • There is no interpretation. This is purely a method of learning and understanding the Hebrew of the Tanakh, not to teach Judaism.
  • You decide how fast you want to learn and how much time you take over each lesson, depending on your skill and learning ability.
  • You have access to a forum, where you can ask questions if you have problems, and have them answered either by other students or by the course creator.

Because of the way this amazing video course works, you are immediately immersed into the Hebrew Bible, and the Hebrew is systematically explained. You will make progress much faster than struggling through the Tanakh yourself, or reading through a Biblical Hebrew grammar, and then trying to understand the Hebrew.

Just imagine what this video course now makes possible. It is the next best thing to having an expert Hebrew teacher by your side, carefully and systematically explaining every word and verse in the Tanakh. Right from Day One, you will be able to open up the pages of the Hebrew Bible, and start to really understand what you read.

Until you truly understand the Tanakh, until you can actually open the Hebrew Bible and understand God's Word in the original Hebrew, you will never be able to fully understand and appreciate the meaning of the Hebrew Bible. You will always be dependent on others to explain it, always at the mercy of a translation, and never able to see the beauty and wonder of the original Hebrew for yourself. Studying the Tanakh without knowing Hebrew is like trying to understand Shakespeare when you don't understand any English.

Being able to read and understand the Tanakh in Hebrew is the most exciting feeling in the world. You, too, can have this dream come true. Unlike past generations, you no longer have to spend years of your life with Hebrew grammars, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries all open together, struggling to understand each word of the Tanakh as you go.

You can make this a reality by starting the amazing video course shown here, today. Give it a try, and learn the Hebrew Bible at your own pace, from your own home. You'll be amazed by how interesting it is, and how fast you learn. Don't put off the decision to another time, or another year. Now is the time to act!

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