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First of all, make sure you Subscribe to Jesus Spoke Aramaic. This will give you full access to the large and growing library of step-by-step video lessons to help you learn Aramaic. Be sure to read our Top Reasons to Subscribe.

Our Series of Aramaic DVDs

We have a range of truly unique and exclusive DVDs, which present the same step-by-step Aramaic video lessons that are available to our subscribers.

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NOTE 1: These are Data DVDs, not video DVDs. In other words, they contain computer files such as PDF documents and MP4 videos, and you therefore need a computer to display these files. They are not movie/video DVDs that you would watch on a DVD Player.

NOTE 2: We manufacture our DVDs through an independent company called Kunaki, and you will be taken to Kunaki's web site for purchase. Your PayPal or Credit Card will show the purchase as being through Kunaki.

Aramaic Study Guides

Our concise Aramaic Study Guides take a detailed look at specific passages of the Holy Scriptures, in Aramaic, and help you to understand those passages better. The Aramaic words and phrases are broken down and explained, step by step, with accompanying background material. More Study Guides will be added over time.

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Meditational Audio CDs

To accompany the above Study Guides which explain the Aramaic behind well-known Biblical passages, we have now started a series of accompanying Meditational Audio CDs. Not only do these explain the Aramaic for these passages on their own, but they also let you hear the Aramaic words and verses, and speak them yourself. Together, the Study Guides and Meditational Audio CDs will provide you with the knowledge to be able to speak and understand these Bible passages for yourself, in Aramaic.

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Aramaic Workbooks

To help you learn Aramaic, and to accompany the video lessons, we have produced a series of Aramaic Workbooks. These are spiral-bound, allowing you to lay them flat. These are intended to be study books which you can write on, make your own comments on, and turn into your own private course material.

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Aramaic and Hebrew Bibles

Your first step must surely be to buy an Aramaic Bible! We have a selection of reliable and trustworthy Aramaic and Hebrew Bibles for you, specially typeset by Jesus Spoke Aramaic. An extreme amount of time and care has gone into making sure these are accurate, as well as looking attractive. More Bibles will be added over time.

NOTE: As a bonus, Subscribers get access to PDFs of some of these Aramaic and Hebrew Bibles.

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Aramaic Books

We also have Aramaic Books available for you. These are all exclusive to Jesus Spoke Aramaic.

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Using this website as a starting point, there are a number of other directions you may want to go. Recommended Next Steps provides some ideas for reliable next steps that you may want to consider.


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