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Jesus Spoke Aramaic - The Reasons Why, & Why It Matters

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Jesus Spoke Aramaic - The Reasons Why

This amazing book is a simple yet powerful overview of the many lines of evidence that Jesus spoke Aramaic and why this is important. It makes an ideal gift item! Many Christians today are unaware of what a rich Biblical heritage Aramaic has, and this book provides direct and compelling evidence that is unfamiliar to so many.

This book is a superb introduction to the subject, and would make an ideal gift or for individual study. If you want to be brought up to speed quickly and understand the subject easily, this book is the perfect place to start.

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In fact, this book introduces the subject so well that, for a limited time, we have decided to make it available as a free download in both PDF and MP3 audio format below. Feel free to download it, read it, and pass it on to everyone you know!

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JSA-Book .pdf October 28, 2015 2.76 MB Download
01 Title .mp3 October 19, 2015 243.72 KB Download
02 Copyrights .mp3 October 19, 2015 2.22 MB Download
03 Table of Contents .mp3 October 19, 2015 1.33 MB Download
04 Acknowledgements .mp3 October 19, 2015 4.02 MB Download
05 Foreword .mp3 October 19, 2015 4.81 MB Download
06 Jesus Spoke Aramaic .mp3 October 19, 2015 6.79 MB Download
07 Encyclopedias Say Jesus Spoke Aramaic .mp3 October 19, 2015 15.22 MB Download
08 Josephus Says Jesus Spoke Aramaic .mp3 October 19, 2015 21.75 MB Download
09 The NT Says Jesus Spoke Aramaic .mp3 October 19, 2015 30.25 MB Download
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The key lines of evidence presented are as follows:

  • Learn that Encyclopaedias say that Jesus spoke Aramaic.
  • Discover from Josephus, the foremost historian in 1st century Israel, that Aramaic was the native language of Jews in Israel at this time.
  • Understand that the New Testament itself shows that Jesus spoke Aramaic.
  • Find out that history reveals that Jesus (and Jews in general) spoke Aramaic.
  • Discover that Archaeology shows that Aramaic was the normal language in Israel.
  • Discover the Aramaic New Testament, the jewel that has been preserved intact for 2000 years, down to the present day.
  • Find out that Jews generally did not speak Greek - in fact they rebelled against Greek rule, Greek customs and the Greek language!
  • Find out that Hebrew was spoken at this time, but was not the dominant language, having given way to Aramaic over the centuries since the Babylonian exile.
  • Discover what all this means to you, as a student of the Bible.

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Whatever level of knowledge you have, this book has been designed to be the perfect place to start. We recommend that you buy multiple copies to give away to interested friends and family, indeed anyone who should know more about what Aramaic has to offer.

NOTE: There is also a Companion DVD to accompany this book, containing a PDF of the entire book, MP3 Audio narrations of each chapter of the book, a special introductory video about the book and what it presents, and a number of other video lessons which explore key concepts of the book in further detail.

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This exciting book is a Perfect-bound Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches,  and is 90 pages.

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