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Aramaic and The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Having seen in previous lessons how extensively Aramaic was used in New Testament times, we now take a look at the use of Aramaic (and Hebrew!) in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are fascinating for all sorts of reasons. They have intrigued and fascinated scholars and the public ever since they were discovered many decades ago.

In this lesson, we learn some more about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the main theories that have surrounded them. But we also learn that, while Hebrew makes up the bulk of the Dead Sea Scrolls (and that's not surprising because the Hebrew Bible was, after all, what the Jews were trying to preserve from destruction by the Roman armies in A.D. 70 and under the Bar Kokhba Revolt in A.D. 135), Aramaic also features heavily in the Dead Sea Scrolls, making up around 20% of the overall scroll discoveries in the Judean Desert.

Once again, we see that Hebrew and Aramaic form an important bond, being intertwined down through history and the pages of the Holy Scriptures together.

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