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In the list of Lessons opposite, you will see many different categories where Video Lessons and other Resources are available. In fact, we now have literally HUNDREDS of lessons available, as well as many books and other resources - many of which are free.

However, there is A LOT of material available for you to digest! While you can simply Subscribe and work through the material at your own pace, in practice many people have asked for ways to work through the material more systematically.

To fulfil that request, we have now have a number of Step-by-Step Courses available. Once you Subscribe, all the lessons, downloads and resources in these Courses will be fully available to you. You can simply work through the material in the best way for you.

NOTE: If you have NOT Subscribed yet, you will still be able to see the full Curriculum for each Course, but some of the lessons will bring you to links which ask you to Login. Only Subscribers will be able to Login.

Alternatively, some exciting Study Programs are available for those who want even more in-depth, systematic material on the Aramaic New Testament.

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