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What Study Programs are Available at Jesus Spoke Aramaic?

Why You Should Learn Aramaic... offers a number of flagship 12-month Study Programs. These are designed for individuals and small groups who really want to accelerate their current knowledge and understanding of Aramaic to study the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, directly.

If you are already a committed Bible believer and want a deeper, richer connection with the Bible, with God, and with His Son Jesus, to know Aramaic better, to strengthen your faith and to be able to defend the Bible against the attacks of critics, then the flagship Study Programs which we have available may be exactly what you are looking for.

Two major flagship Study Programs are currently available:

Discover the Aramaic New Testament Study Program

  • This 12 month Study Program is designed for committed Bible believers who want to take their current interest and knowledge of Aramaic to the next level, and really understand everything what Aramaic offers. You will find your faith is deepened, your ability to defend the Bible against critics strengthened, and you will have many new tools available to understand the Holy Scriptures at a much deeper level. You will find that Aramaic becomes a much-trusted friend in your increasing love for the Holy Scriptures.

Pastor Training Program for Aramaic

  • This 12 month Training Program is ideally suited to Pastors, Ministers, Bible Teachers or Church Leaders who want to take their current knowledge of the Bible, including Hebrew, Aramaic and/or Greek, and leverage this knowledge towards a deep understanding of Aramaic, with the intention of being able to teach Aramaic to groups of Bible believers afterwards, and to inform their Bible study with a thorough understanding of Aramaic and everything that it offers.

Next Steps

If you would like to know more about the above Study Programs, please complete the Form below. Ewan will get back to you shortly to answer any questions, to help you decide whether these Study Programs are right for you, and to discuss the next steps. Availability in the above Study Programs is very limited, and groups are intentionally kept very small to ensure that you are given maximum attention, and that you can progress rapidly to achieve your goals. Ewan works personally and closely with everyone enrolled in these Study Programs.