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The (Aramaic) Church of the East

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In the previous lesson, we saw that the Gospel message spread east, as well as west. As early as the middle of the first century, the Gospel, and Aramaic, had already been taken as far east as India. Everywhere the Gospel was taken east, it was Aramaic and the Aramaic New Testament that were taken.

In this lesson, we explore these issues further. We take a closer look at the Church of the East. Its history, and its peoples, are intertwined with Aramaic. While in the west, Greek and Latin became the dominant translations, the Aramaic New Testament was always there. But in the east, the Aramaic New Testament is all there ever was.

The Church of the East is vast, incorporating many other churches, and spread over an immense geographical area. Its history and importance are overlooked by many in the west today. But its history is very important if we want to fully understand the Aramaic background to the Holy Scriptures.

We explore these exciting and important points further in this lesson.

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