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The Refund Policy of this website is the simplest, most honest, and most generous I could possibly think of.

If you subscribe for any period other than the Lifetime Access, and you feel that you would like a refund any time within the period you subscribed for, I will refund 100% of your money, even though you will have benefited from the website all throughout this time, and probably downloaded all the resources too.

If you feel that you would like a refund, all I ask is that you contact me to let me know how I have failed you, and what I could do to improve the website in the future, so that other people don't feel as disappointed as you have.

This Refund Policy is as fair and generous as it can get. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by subscribing for as long a time as you can afford. So go ahead, subscribe, and commit to learning Aramaic. I am confident that you will love all my resources and will be amazed at how much I have made available.

Remember that, even if things don't work out for you, I am adding new resources on a regular basis. You are welcome to come back and try the website again in the future.