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Press Release - May 8, 2015 Announces Over 200 Video Lessons on the Bible and Aramaic

Ewan MacLeod, B.Sc. Hons., M.Sc., Bible historian and international authority on Biblical Aramaic and Hebrew languages, today announces that, a distinctive website created and designed by MacLeod, now boasts over 200 video lessons bringing the Aramaic language to Bible believers around the world. Jesus Spoke Aramaic is dedicated to teaching Aramaic in the context of the Bible, and is aimed primarily at the mainstream Christian community.

MacLeod said, "This website will lead Christians around the globe back to a more Bible-based faith, going back to the original roots of both the Old and New Testaments. It is the only website that brings Aramaic to the mainstream world in a way that anyone can learn it."

"Although Aramaic is not a difficult language, learning it has been made harder by the lack of viable study materials, engaging videos, and the lack of an enjoyable and exciting learning environment," MacLeod continued. "I set out to bring this learning environment to the 'everyday' Christian community, and does just that."

Interest in Aramaic has soared over the past decade, notably after the release of Mel Gibson's blockbuster movie The Passion of The Christ 11 years ago. Gibson's film was filmed in Aramaic and brought Aramaic to the attention of an international audience of Bible believers around the world.

The movie sparked MacLeod's own interest in Aramaic as the language spoken by Jesus and the disciples, and the language in which the gospels were first preached. covers the history and background of Aramaic, the Aramaic Alphabet in several Aramaic scripts that have been used over the centuries, and learning Aramaic for Beginners. Further lessons are available covering the Aramaic New Testament or Peshitta, the Jewish Aramaic Targums, and the Aramaic Old Testament.

"Although there are over 200 video lessons available right now, the future of the full site is even more ambitious as we are aiming for 500 lessons. The website can be utilized by elite scholars and yet it is easy and exciting for the average learner to navigate," MacLeod concluded.

Over the course of the next few months additional video lessons and several new DVDs will be available for purchase and available to subscribers, with prices to suit a variety of budgets.

Ewan MacLeod, his wife and family reside outside London, England. He is available for interview via Skype or telephone during all U.S. time zones.

A link to the original Press Release can be found on Christian News Wire.


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