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DVD of Aramaic Alphabet (Ashuri script)

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DVD of Aramaic Alphabet - Ashuri characters

Due to high demand, we have created this unique DVD containing our step-by-step video lessons showing you how to write the Aramaic Alphabet in the 'Hebrew' Ashuri script, letter by letter, with introductory lessons too.

While these video lessons are normally only available to subscribers, some subscribers wanted a way to purchase the video lessons so that they could watch the videos off-line. We therefore created this unique DVD to allow anyone to watch the videos and study the material in the lessons, even without subscribing. The DVD contains MP4 videos which are slightly higher resolution than the ones on the website.

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This DVD contains all the Videos, Slides, and Practice Sheets from that relate to the 'Hebrew' Ashuri characters. These characters were originally Aramaic, and are used for Biblical Aramaic, the Aramaic Targums and some editions of the Peshitta New Testament. If you follow through all the material on this DVD step-by-step, it will teach you this very important foundation of the Aramaic Alphabet.

This DVD contains OVER FIVE HOURS of videos alone, in 43 separate videos, in addition to all the other learning material. There is nothing quite like it available anywhere else on the Internet, and it is far easier to learn Aramaic this way than through a book!

There are separate folders for each of the above types of material. The videos are MP4 files and should play on any modern computer.

We make further DVDs available on a regular basis, so be sure to keep coming back to this website to see whether we have added any further DVDs. Alternatively, you may prefer to subscribe to, since then you will have access to our growing library of all the latest videos and study materials, which we are constantly adding to.

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This remarkable DVD contains the following video lessons:

  • How Difficult is Aramaic to Learn?
  • Introduction to the Aramaic Alphabet and Scripts
  • How to Write the Aramaic Letters
  • Ashuri Letter Alap
  • Ashuri Letter Beet
  • Ashuri Letter Gamal
  • Ashuri Letter Dalat
  • Ashuri Letter Heh
  • Ashuri Letter Waw
  • Ashuri Letter Zeyn
  • Ashuri Letter Chet
  • Ashuri Letter Tet
  • Ashuri Letter Yud
  • Ashuri Letter Kap
  • Ashuri Letter Lamad
  • Ashuri Letter Meem
  • Ashuri Letter Noon
  • Ashuri Letter Semkat
  • Ashuri Letter Ey
  • Ashuri Letter Pe
  • Ashuri Letter Tsadeh
  • Ashuri Letter Kop
  • Ashuri Letter Resh
  • Ashuri Letter Sheen
  • Ashuri Letter Taw
  • Summary of Letters With Final Forms
  • Summary of Letters That Look Alike
  • Aramaic Flashcards
  • Introduction to the Aramaic Vowels
  • Why English NEEDS Vowels
  • Why Aramaic is Different
  • The 'Mothers of Reading'
  • The History of the Aramaic Vowels
  • Ashuri Vowel Hireq
  • Ashuri Vowel Holem
  • Ashuri Vowel Shurek
  • Ashuri Vowel Kubbuts
  • Ashuri Vowel Patach
  • Ashuri Vowel Kamets
  • Ashuri Vowel Sere
  • Ashuri Vowel Segol
  • Shwa
  • Dagesh

NOTE 1: This is a Data DVD, not a video DVD. In other words, it contains computer files such as PDF documents and MP4 videos, and you therefore need a computer to display these files. It is not a movie/video DVD that you would watch on a DVD Player.

NOTE 2: We manufacture our DVDs through an independent company called Kunaki, and you will be taken to Kunaki's web site for purchase. Your PayPal or Credit Card will show the purchase as being through Kunaki.

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Ray LandryDear Ewan sir, after it being said that Aramaic script has changed since the time of the Dead Sea scrolls, and after learning the Ashuri, Estrangela and Serta scripts how realistic or unrealistic is it to hope to be able or should I ask what would it take to be able to read Aramaic from the Dead Sea scrolls or time period? I truly thank you for your time, Ray
Ray @ mach1petey@yahoo.comHello Mr.MacLeod, please forgive me if my question is one that has already been answered somewhere on your website. I wanted to know if we are able to actually hear the Aramaic letters and words being sounded out in the lessons. I also wanted to tell you how extremely excited I am about finding your website, this to me is a gift. I've prayed for a long time to someday be able to learn our Lord's spoken language Aramaic. I will be subscribing to your website!
Ewan MacLeodHi Ray, The Aramaic from the Dead Sea Scrolls time period uses the Ashuri script, but they are handwritten letters which look a little different from the fixed printed letters. They are still the same letters, but it is the difference between reading a printed book and being able to read handwriting. Just learning the Ashuri alphabet alone, using the video lessons or the DVDs, will allow you to read and recognise the individual letters of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but to understand words, you would really need to do the Aramaic for Beginners series of lessons on the website, and probably also the later series on Aramaic for Intermediate. This website may introduce a series of lessons on Aramaic inscriptions and the Dead Sea Scrolls in the future.
Ewan MacLeodHi Ray, On the website, yes, every letter is sounded out and repeated, as well as showing how to write the letter. We also give lots of practice in sounding the letters out to form whole words, starting with very short words and getting longer and longer words. It's a great website, and I am sure you will love it!
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions about this DVD of the Aramaic Alphabet!