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Learn The Aramaic Alphabet ('Hebrew' Ashuri Script)

Learn The Aramaic Alphabet ('Hebrew' Ashuri Script)

Many people are keen to learn the Aramaic Alphabet and to read the Aramaic New Testament for themselves, but initially the Aramaic Alphabet can be a stumbling block.

But Aramaic is written in a different script which many people will not be familiar with. In this book, designed for self-study, you will systematically learn the Aramaic Alphabet in the most important Aramaic script of all – 'Hebrew' Ashuri. This script is used for Hebrew, in Judaism, in Israel today, for Biblical Aramaic, the Targums, and many editions of the Aramaic Old and New Testaments. The 'Hebrew' Ashuri script is the foundation for all later Aramaic scripts.

This book is an ideal companion to the video lessons on the Aramaic Alphabet that are available at It explains many of the concepts of Aramaic that are, at first, difficult for English speakers to understand - and explains these concepts in a simple way that can be easily understood by everyone.

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This book is such an essential way to get started on your journey into learning Aramaic that, for a limited time, we have decided to make it available as a free download in PDF format below.

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Learn-the-Aramaic-Alphabet-Ashuri-Script .pdf January 09, 2017 1.39 MB Download


This book is an ideal companion to one of our Aramaic New Testaments.

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This wonderful book is a Perfect-bound Paperback, 6 x 9 inches,  and is 158 pages.

Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions on this book about learning the Aramaic Alphabet!