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The Ten Commandments in Hebrew Course Contents


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Welcome to this Course on The Ten Commandments in Hebrew. If you are interested in Hebrew, this is a highly recommended Course after you have completed the Genesis Reading Practice Course. Thus, once you know the Hebrew Alphabet and can read Hebrew at a reasonable speed, completing this Course is a wonderful next step.

In this self-contained Course, even if you have little or no grammatical background, and do not understand any Biblical Hebrew, you will learn to read and understand the Hebrew of The Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter 20. The Ten Commandments are relevant to all ages and all backgrounds (Jewish or Christian), and understanding The Ten Commandments in Hebrew will provide you with deeper and richer insights into God's Word in the original languages.

This Course also serves as an excellent introduction to learning further Biblical Hebrew grammar, as well as other more detailed and systematic courses in Biblical Hebrew.

Stage 1 - Read The Ten Commandments in Hebrew

Before you can confidently move on to look at the Hebrew behind The Ten Commandments, you need to get to the stage where you can confidently read The Ten Commandments at a normal reading speed, and are comfortable reading the Hebrew text.

  • Download (below) the section from the Hebrew Bible corresponding to The Ten Commandments. It can be found in Exodus 20:2-17.
  • Then read through The Ten Commandments in the Hebrew Bible many times, until you are familiar with the sounds and words that you are reading, and can follow along confidently. Start by following in the slow version, then the normal version. You can download both versions below.
Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Ten-Commandments (MP3) .mp3 July 11, 2016 2.00 MB Download
Ten-Commandments-slow (MP3) .mp3 July 11, 2016 3.33 MB Download
Ten-Commandments (PDF) .pdf July 11, 2016 308.75 KB Download
  • Copy out The Ten Commandments in your own handwriting, and send a copy to Ewan for feedback.

Stage 2 - Learn the Vocabulary of The Ten Commandments

For Stage 2, you need to learn the vocabulary of The Ten Commandments. This will allow you to recognise the words when you read them in the Hebrew text.

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Ten-Commandments-Flashcards (PDF) .pdf July 15, 2016 26.14 KB Download
Ten-Commandments-Wordlist (PDF) .pdf July 15, 2016 46.18 KB Download

Stage 3 - Learn the Grammar of The Ten Commandments

Now that you know the vocabulary used in The Ten Commandments, you next need to learn enough of the grammar to understand the Hebrew text.

  • Download the following Worksheets to hep you understand the Grammar.
Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Ten Commandments Translation .pdf August 31, 2016 115.35 KB Download
Ten Commandments Transliteration .pdf August 31, 2016 41.06 KB Download
Ten Commandments Suffixes and Prefixes .pdf August 31, 2016 76.68 KB Download

Stage 4 - Course Completion

You complete this Course when you can confidently read through The Ten Commandments in Hebrew, and when you feel that you now understand the Hebrew text.