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The Hebrew Bible (Rashi Script)

Hebrew Bible (Rashi Script)

As we have brought out all throughout our video lessons on Aramaic (available to Subscribers), Aramaic is closely related to Hebrew. Alongside Aramaic, Hebrew is the language that God chose to deliver His Word in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) or Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible also contains the portions of the Old Testament which are in Biblical Aramaic, making this book an important resource for everyone interested in both Hebrew and Aramaic on this website.

For a limited time, this Hebrew Bible is available for download in PDF format below.
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Hebrew-Bible-Rashi .pdf September 04, 2013 6.05 MB Download

This Printed Edition of the Hebrew Bible is a truly unique and magnificent edition, carefully typeset, and brought to you exclusively by Jesus Spoke Aramaic. It presents the entire Hebrew Bible in the Ashuri letters.

However, in this special edition, the Hebrew and Aramaic text is displayed in Rashi script. Rashi is a famous Jewish scholar, who developed his own script. In this edition, the entire Hebrew Bible has been printed in Rashi script. This is a truly unique Special Edition of the Hebrew Bible which will appeal to many.

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The Hebrew and Aramaic text is read from right-to-left, and the book is also right-to-left. This book will help you on your journey to learn Biblical Aramaic as well as Hebrew, allowing you to follow along with the video lessons on Biblical Aramaic, or just to read the Aramaic and Hebrew portions of the Old Testament.

This beautiful edition is printed in full color. Color has been used within pages to highlight verses, chapters, and other features of the Hebrew and Aramaic text, giving a Bible that is pleasant and attractive to read.

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This Hebrew Bible is a Perfect-bound Paperback, 6 x 9 inches, printed on full color paper, and is 644 pages.

Ewan MacLeodHi Alan, The Leningrad Codex is still based on the standard Massoretic text. The scribe, Shmuel ben Yakov, corrected the manuscript to make sure it was the same as the Ben Asher text. Both the Leningrad Codex and the Aleppo Codex are the same text, albeit that the Aleppo Codex is a much better written manuscript.
Alan EsselbachIs this Tanach based upon the Leningrad Codex text or the Jewish Ben Asher text?
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions on this Printed Edition of the Hebrew Bible in Rashi script!