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Volume 2: History & Background of Aramaic DVD

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Volume 2: History & Background of Aramaic

Due to high demand, we have created this unique DVD containing our video lessons about the History & Background of Aramaic. Together with Volume 1, these DVDs present essential video lessons which give you a correct cultural understanding of Aramaic in the context of the Bible. In other words, every question you could ever have about Aramaic is likely to be answered in one of these amazing lessons.

NOTE: In these lessons on the History & Background of Aramaic, there are almost TEN HOURS of video presentations. In fact, there is so much material that we have had to split the DVDs into Volume 1 and Volume 2.

All these video lessons are available online to subscribers, but some subscribers (and others who have not yet subscribed) wanted a way to watch these video lessons offline. We therefore created this unique DVD to allow anyone to watch the videos and study the material in the lessons, even without subscribing. The DVD contains a collection of MP4 videos and Slidesets.

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This Volume 2 DVD contains half the MP4 Videos and Slides from that relate to the "History & Background of Aramaic" lessons. The Volume 1 DVD contains the other half of the lessons. These lessons can be done independently of any other lessons, but they are essential no matter what your level of interest in Aramaic is. You will be taught some very important background material that will help you to understand everything else in the world of Aramaic.

This Volume 2 DVD contains the following 19 video lessons:

  • Aramaic - the Language of Egypt
  • Aramaic in the New Testament
  • Aramaic - The Language of Jesus
  • Did Jews speak Greek?
  • Aramaic and the Church Fathers
  • Aramaic and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • What about Hebrew?!
  • Was Latin spoken amongst Jews?
  • Aramaic - Judaism's Second Holy Language
  • Armenian Bible - From Aramaic, not Greek!
  • Arabic Bible - From the Aramaic Peshitta!
  • From Aramaic to Arabic
  • Aramaic into Crusader times
  • Aramaic (and the Gospel) spread EAST
  • The (Aramaic) Church of the East
  • Dialects of Aramaic
  • The Syriac dialect of Aramaic
  • Aramaic Still Spoken Today…
  • How different are Aramaic and Hebrew?

This Volume 2 DVD contains ALMOST FIVE HOURS of videos alone, in 19 separate MP4 Videos and Slidesets. There is nothing else quite like this available anywhere else on the Internet!

There are separate folders for each of the above types of material. The videos are MP4 files and should play on any modern computer.

NOTE: We recommend you buy BOTH Volume 1 AND Volume 2 to get the most out of your Aramaic studies...

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We make further DVDs available on a regular basis, so be sure to keep coming back to this website to see whether we have added any further DVDs. Alternatively, you may prefer to subscribe to, since then you will have access to our growing library of all the latest videos and study materials, which we are constantly adding to.

NOTE 1: This is a Data DVD, not a video DVD. In other words, it contains computer files such as PDF documents and MP4 videos, and you therefore need a computer to display these files. It is not a movie/video DVD that you would watch on a DVD Player.

NOTE 2: We manufacture our DVDs through an independent company called Kunaki, and you will be taken to Kunaki's web site for purchase. Your PayPal or Credit Card will show the purchase as being through Kunaki.

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