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The importance of the Aramaic background of the Bible and the authenticity and originality of the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament is still massively under-emphasised in the West today. Because Greek is part of the culture of the West, Greek is much more popular - most students of the Bible will try to learn New Testament Greek at some point!

But Aramaic deserves to be better known. Alongside Hebrew, Aramaic is the second Holy language of the Bible, and is the cultural context into which the entire Bible was written, being the language of the nations surrounding Israel. Every believer of the Bible should at least try to understand Aramaic and what it offers for Bible study!

My mission in this life is simple - bring Aramaic to the world!

(Ewan MacLeod)

This website's mission is to make Aramaic better known to the entire Biblical world, and we are seeking YOUR help to do so. Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can do this, and how to promote Aramaic!

Ideas might include:

  • Inspiring an interest in Aramaic amongst others in your local church, seminary, synagogue, or temple.
  • Linking to this website from your own (Bible-based!) website.
  • Reviewing, or discussing, this website in Bible-based magazines, bulletins or periodicals.
  • Contacting local radio or TV stations to talk about Aramaic and why it is such an important language.
  • Discussing Aramaic on websites and Bible discussion forums.
  • Correcting the many misunderstandings about Aramaic that have arisen over the years.
  • Helping people to understand how important, and relevant, Aramaic is to the study of the Bible.
  • Letting people know that there is more to 'serious' Bible study than learning Greek!
  • Making a donation to this website to help the website grow.

But if you have any other ideas on how to promote Aramaic - who to contact and what to do - then we would love to hear from you. What ideas do YOU have? Let us know!

The Bible Manuscript Society

If you are interested in this website and the Bible, be sure to check out the Bible Manuscript Society, dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of the Holy Scriptures in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin down through the centuries.

While Jesus Spoke Aramaic obviously focusses on the importance of Aramaic, the Bible Manuscript Society provides a wider view of reliable Bible traditions and manuscripts down through the centuries. It will also help you to better understand the debate about whether (or not) modern Bible translations are reliable. And best of all - it's free! Work on the Bible Manuscript Society continues in parallel to Jesus Spoke Aramaic.