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What is Biblical Aramaic?

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In this lesson we take an introductory look at Biblical Aramaic - what it is, which sections of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament are written in Aramaic, and the importance of Aramaic in the Hebrew Bible generally.

We will find that Aramaic is extremely important in the Holy Scriptures, and that Aramaic has had a significant impact on the Hebrew Bible. God's Word was given in both Hebrew and Aramaic.

The following quotation from the Talmud provides a great summary of the importance of Aramaic:

My Son, let not the Aramaic be lightly esteemed by you as the Holy One, blessed be He, has seen fit to give it voice in the Torah and the Prophets and the Writings

(Palestinian Talmud, Sotah 7:2)

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Ewan MacLeodIn the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament, "zakif" is the Aramaic word used for the cross of Christ. "sliwa" is a different word, from the root to crucify (equivalent to the Hebrew cognate tsalav), so that sliwa is more like the English word "crucifix". It's not the word used in the Peshitta.
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions on this introductory lesson about Biblical Aramaic!
GlennPlease tell me what the Biblical Aramaic word would be for our word like. As in I like him. Thank you
Ewan MacLeodHi Marc - The phrase for "Son of God" in Aramaic is Bareh de-Alaha.
SyriacIts sliwa aramaic word for cross not zakif!
MarcHi Sir, i would like to know how to write "The Son of God" in Aramaic letters??
Ewan MacLeodThe Aramaic word for brother is acha, which is a cognate of the Hebrew word for brother (ach). Aramaic does have a related word achyana, but this is also used for a related kinsperson in general, not just specifically a cousin. For instance, Jennings Lexicon of the Peshitta translates achyana as kinsman or cousin. Payne-Smith's classic Thesaurus Syriacus, written in Latin, also defines the word as a kinsperson in general, not just a cousin.
Ewan MacLeodHi Glenn, Aramaic would use the words rekham or khevav for "like".
DuaneHi Sir, What is the aramaic word for cousin and what is the aramaic word for brother? I heard that some people say that there is no word cousin for aramaic
Ewan MacLeodThe word for "cross" in the Aramaic Peshitta is "zakif"
ArtWhat is the Aramaic word for Cross?