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History & Background of Aramaic Workbook

History & Background of Aramaic Workbook

This Workbook contains all the written material for the entire set of lessons on the History & Background of Aramaic. The Workbook is an essential companion to both the video series on the History & Background of Aramaic which is available to subscribers, plus the Volume 1 and Volume 2 DVDs which can be purchased separately.

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No matter what your level of knowledge of Aramaic - whether you are a beginner, or at intermediate or advanced level - this Workbook is an essential background to all the other material covered throughout the website. Together, the History & Background of Aramaic video lessons, plus this Workbook, contain all the essential background material you need to understand the correct cultural importance and significance of Aramaic.

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Often, people coming to the website have gaps in their knowledge of Biblical history, or they have lots of questions to ask about Aramaic. Experience has shown that these questions can almost always be explained by the written material covered in this Workbook.

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Having access to this Workbook cannot be recommended highly enough. It will provide you with all the basic and essential knowledge you need to understand Aramaic, and benefit from everything else on this website. The Workbook will help you no matter what other lessons you are interested in.

This Workbook is Spiral-bound on US Letter size paper, printed on black-and-white paper, and consists of 239 pages.

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