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What is the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament?

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In this lesson, we take a look at the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament, also called the Peshitta Tanakh.

We find that the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament has a similar history to the Aramaic Targums, in that both are translations of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). However, whereas the Aramaic Targums were adopted by Jews, the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament was adopted by the early Jewish/Christian believers.

We will see how important the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament is for Bible believers today, to get back to a more solid Bible-based faith.

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Ewan MacLeodHi Bernadette, The Aramaic Old Testament (Peshitta Tanakh) is available from several sources: (1) It can be bought with Accordance Bible software, along with a superb morphological analysis of the text, (2) it is available electronically for free at the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon project, (3) it can be bought as a book from Wipf & Stock Publishers if you search on Amazon for "Aramaic Old Testament", and (4) Rev. David Bauscher at has started to make an interlinear of the Aramaic Old Testament available, (5) a translation of the Peshitta Tanakh is available called "The Lamsa Bible". Again, Amazon can help. There will, of course, be other sources, but I use all of the above.
Eileen DeStefano I am looking for a biblical translation of aramaic peshitta into english. I am unable to find this. I need a macbook application.
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions on this introductory lesson about the Aramaic Peshitta Old Testament!
Bernadette PedrozaWhere can I get the tenakh aramaic pershitta old testament tenakh
AmielHistory and scholarship prove conclusively with mountains of irrefutable evidence galore that the Divine Proper name is Yahweh and The Messiah is Named Yahshua. Why as such being the case of easily accessible and common knowledge do you knowingly continue to promote Jesus and god,. Fake erroneous titles in there place instead of proclaiming Truth as taught by all of the biblical prophets and apostles? Shame on you David Bauscher and everyone promulgating lies in preference over Truth.
konwaykExcellent video, Ewan. I have been using Aramaic Peshitta Tanakh for a long time. I believe many of the books in Old Testament could have been written originally in Aramaic. For Example, Book of Job. Septuagint says that it translated Book of Job from an Aramaic version. Book "Targum and Testament Revisited: Aramaic Paraphrases of the Hebrew Bible" by Martin McNamara, Page 96 under "3. The Septuagint Ending of Job and Targum." It says "In some manuscripts of the Septuagint (Manuscripts- Aleph, A, B, and C) there is an epilogue which is introduced with the words: houtos hermeneutai ek tes syriakes bibliou." I think Aramaic Peshitta Tanakh was created as early as 520 BC. But books continued to add to Peshitta Tanakh until first century AD. In Peshitta Tanakh, One interesting point that must be noted is Aram was totally replaced by "Suri" in Aramaic from the time period of Maccabean revolt (167 BC - ) due to the fact that Suri was more popular than Aram (For Example, 1 Maccabees 11:2). Later, the word Suri evolved into Suriya in Aramaic. In First century Israel, Suriya was the word used in Aramaic Peshitta (Matthew 4:24, Luke 2:2, Acts 15:23, Acts 15:41, etc) for Syria. But never Aram. But in earlier books of Peshitta Tanakh, Aram was used (For Example, 2 Kings 16:5).
KahnAllenk, there is no translation that was not taken from the Greek. You are looking at it from a very simplistic view. Finding a translation having YHWH and a name other than Jesus you will never find. If you do run from it. Good luck in your search.
AllenkI want an Old Testament that has been translated from Hebrew/Aramaic/Syriac language directly into English, without going through a Greek Translation. His name isn't God. His Name is YHWH. or Yahweh. His Son has His Name in Him, and it surely isn't Jesus. His Name is Yahshua. I want to see an Old Testament that reflects those truths. Is there one like that?
Kevin at AliyahmissionAn absolutely precious work. Keep going.