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The Gospel, and Aramaic, Spread EAST

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In the early history of the spread of Christianity, it is well known that the Gospel message spread west. Everyone is familiar with the spread of the Gospel into Asia Minor and Europe, especially as a result of Paul's missionary journeys, which are recorded in the New Testament - in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, as well as Paul's epistles.

In fact, most people are so familiar with this history that they have never paused to consider that the Gospel also spread EAST too. And with the history of the western world largely being the history of the dominant powers, the Roman Catholic Church and the Christianised European nations, this bias (of the spread of Christianity west) is perhaps to be expected.

But if we only look, we will find that Christianity also spread EAST. In fact, many people will be shocked to learn just how far east, and how fast, Christianity spread!

In this lesson, we find that as early as A.D. 52, Christianity had spread as far afield as India, taken there by the Apostle Thomas, who became the patron saint of Christianity in India. From there, the Gospel message quickly spread further east - into China and Mongolia.

In fact, as we examine this history more closely, we find that, as Christianity spread East, it was Aramaic that was taken East. The Aramaic New Testament! (Not the Greek New Testament). This shows just how early, original, and authentic the Aramaic New Testament is. In the East, the Aramaic New Testament is all many churches have ever known. They have remained faithful to it ever since. They have never known anything else...

We explore these exciting and important points further in this lesson.

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