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Ashuri Letter Alap

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Following our introductory lessons about the Aramaic Alphabet, it is now time to go through each of the letters in turn, and introduce you to each of them. You will be told the key facts about each Aramaic letter, and you will master each letter until you know the entire alphabet!

The best place to start is at the very beginning...

The very first letter of the Aramaic Alphabet is called Alap.

The key facts about Alap are as follows:

  • Alap has the sound of the vowel it carries.
  • It is a special letter, called a guttural.
  • It has the Gematria (numerical value) of 1.

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Ewan MacLeodHi Lisa, Unfortunately it isn't possible to purchase downloads, because the number and amount of video files means that is not a practical option. For example, each DVD has several GB data, and there are a growing list of DVDs, maybe around 25GB of video files altogether.
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions about this lesson on the Letter Alap!
Ewan MacLeodHi Jacob, There are lessons covering each and every letter of the Alphabet, including the historical background and pronunciation of the letters. As we progress onto other scripts, it shows how the written form of the language has changed over time, yet it is still the same fundamental language. There is some superb material which is brought together nicely on this website, no matter what background you have.
Lisa Rose McPhersonI would like to know if you can purchase downloads instead of cd's My computer doesn't not have a cd player in it.
Steve SandersEwan, I love what I am seeing on the site, but I do have a request. It would be nice if the practice sheets were not in the calligraphy form, as that is not how we are being instructed to write the letters. Just a suggestion - great work though!
Jacob ParksHey Ewan, will there be any Otiot studies on this site in the future as well? I've studied some, and its pretty cool how the language hasn't really changed that much. Thanks! I hope this question is a Berakhah to you. ;)
Ewan MacLeodHi Steve, Thanks for the feedback, and good to hear that you like the site. You make a good point, and hopefully soon I'll make a second practice sheet available for each lesson with the written forms. On the other hand, the written form is really only to help people write down vocabulary, copy passages, and so on. That needs you to recognise the printed/calligraphy forms and know how to copy/write them, and the current practice sheets are therefore still important.