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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have subscribed, but I would now like to change my password. How do I do that?

Answer: Once you have logged in, look at the banner at the bottom of the screen. On the lower right, you will see a link to Change Password. Clicking that will take you to a page where you can enter your current password, and what you want your new password to be.

Question: What is your Refund Policy?

Answer: Our Refund Policy is as simple and generous as it could possibly be. If you subscribe, and you would like a refund any time within the period you subscribed for, we will refund 100% of your money, even though you will have benefited from the website all throughout this time, and probably downloaded our resources. If you do feel that you would like a refund, all we ask is that you contact us to let us know how we have failed you, and what we could do to improve the website next time, so that other people don't feel as disappointed as you have. Our refund policy is as fair and generous as it can get. You really have nothing to lose.

Question: Why do I need to subscribe at all? Why can't this website be free?

Answer: If you read our Refund Policy, you will see for yourself just how generous we are. You really have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. It's that simple. However, if you think this website should be completely free, remember that the Scripture says, "A labourer is worthy of his hire." Websites cost money to design, build and maintain, and it takes time (a lot of time) to create the content. In the absence of funding of some kind (whether private funding or through donations or subscriptions), this website would not be possible. Sometimes, also, people do not truly appreciate something which they get for free and pay nothing for. You will not commit to learning Aramaic if you can just drift onto this website for free. Sacrificing something (like money) will help you commit to learning Aramaic and to appreciate the immense amount of work that has gone into designing this website and creating the resources on it.

Question: Despite your very generous Refund Policy, I am poor and will struggle to pay the minimum subscription cost. Is there any way to pay something closer to what I can afford?

Answer: The Scripture says, "A labourer is worthy of his hire", but also "Give to him that asketh thee." If you are poor, broke or desperate, I'm sure we can work something out if you truly desire to learn Aramaic. Please Contact us and we can discuss it.

Question: A group of us would like to learn Aramaic, like in a church or seminary. Can we have a discount if multiple people want to subscribe?

Answer: The Scripture says, "Give to him that asketh thee." Ideally you would all get your own individual Login Usernames, to let you work through the material at your own pace, and to allow you to take part in the polls and quizzes, and to leave questions and comments on each lesson. Because each case is slightly different, contact us and let's see what we can work out. 

Question: Does subscribing really give access to ALL the resources? So could I just subscribe for one month, download everything, and not need to pay again?

Answer: The Subscriptions are designed to offer different price points so that everyone can afford something, and therefore downloading everything and not renewing your subscription is (knowingly) possible. Having said that, it will not be easy to download everything in one go because there is so much material, and there are many individual files and formats to make this site enjoyable and interactive. We doubt whether it would be worth the time or effort to try downloading everything. Rather than subscribing cheaply for a single month and trying to save money by downloading everything, take a look at how generous our Refund Policy is. We will refund all your money if you are not happy with the website. So you might as well subscribe for as long a time as you can afford, forget all about downloading everything, and just commit to learning Aramaic. That way you won't miss out on all the new lessons, resources and bonus material which we add on a regular basis. You won't miss out on all the discussions and help that are available for the lessons and other resources. Subscribing for a longer period is a much better option than just going for a single month. It will likely take you months anyway to work your way through all the resources. You might as well subscribe for longer and have access to the forums while you are doing this. We want our subscribers to have fun, come back regularly, and take part in the community. Downloading everything means we will never see you again! We don't want that.

Question: Although subscribing and interacting with the website is a great idea, I would still like a way to view everything offline, rather than having to be online.

Answer: Subscribing will give you full access to all the very latest lessons and resources, which we are adding to constantly. But we understand that some people like to download the videos and other material so that they can access it all offline. For that reason, we have started to make some of our amazing resources available as professional-quality DVDs, with more to come. Purchasing these is ideal for people who like to have everything offline. We will add more DVDs as time goes on.

Question: I have noticed some links to the Bible Manuscript Society. What is the Bible Manuscript Society and what is the connection to Jesus Spoke Aramaic?

Answer: The Bible Manuscript Society is a separate, but not unrelated, endeavour. It is dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of the Bible and Biblical Manuscripts, from the early printed editions of the Holy Bible in the original languages of Scripture, through the early translations of the Bible, right down to the present day. The Bible Manuscript Society photographs Bible manuscripts, old and/or interesting Bibles, and produces high-resolution PDFs which are, frankly, unmatched in quality anywhere else in the world. Many of the manuscripts and Aramaic Bibles have been made available to Jesus Spoke Aramaic through the efforts of the Bible Manuscript Society.