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Aramaic Peshitta Evidence: Matthew 7:6

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In this lesson we take a look at the text of the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament. In particular, we look at Matthew 7:6.

We discover that this verse provides clear evidence that the Aramaic Peshitta is an authentic and original language text. We see this from the beautiful plays on words in the Aramaic of this well-known verse. By the way, these plays on words only work in Aramaic - they do not work in Hebrew.

Along with many other verses, this shows the wonder of the Aramaic Peshitta. Puns and plays on words are one of the hallmarks of an original language text, rather than a translation. Translations do not generally have plays on words. This provides direct evidence that the Peshitta is authentic and original - the wholly inspired Word of God.

This is one of a series of related lessons demonstrating the superiority of the Aramaic Peshitta.

Watch the Video Lesson (Part 1)

Watch the Video Lesson (Part 2)

Ewan MacLeodHi Steve, This particular series of videos uses Accordance, with a custom workspace that I have designed which works well for me. (I have at least a dozen Accordance workspaces for different purposes such as imitating classic Polyglots, study Bibles and so on). I used Logos Bible Software for the two videos giving Reading Practice on the Serta script. I've used BibleWorks as well for a couple of decades, but I haven't used BibleWorks for these videos, at least so far.
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions on this lesson about comparing the Aramaic and Greek text of Matthew 7:6!
Steve SandersI am curious what the software application is that you are using in your analysis. Great work on the site and lessons - I'm excited to dig deeper.