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Introduction to Estrangela

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In the previous lessons in this series on the Aramaic Alphabet(s), we have looked at each of the letters of the Aramaic Alphabet in turn. These have been the letters in the 'Hebrew' Ashuri script, which is actually an Aramaic script that was adopted by Hebrew.

However, another Aramaic script which you might have seen or heard about is Estrangela.

Estrangela is the script that is often used for the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament and the Peshitta Tanakh (Aramaic Old Testament). It is the script commonly used for Syriac, an important dialect of Syriac.

In this lesson, therefore, we provide an introduction to Estrangela, and we explain how the next batch of lessons is planned. We strongly encourage you to study the previous (Ashuri) letters first, and only then learn the Estrangela script. In this lesson, we explain why...

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