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DVD of Dec 2015 "Uncut Interview" Video Footage from the 1OnOneShow

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Video Footage from the 1OnOne Show with Damon Davis

This amazing DVD contains the "Uncut Interview" behind-the-scenes video footage between Ewan MacLeod and Damon Davis on the 1OnOneShow, which was broadcast in December 2015 and early 2016. It provides a fascinating discussion on the topic of Aramaic, what language Jesus spoke, and what all this means to the Bible believer.

The 1OnOne Show with Damon Davis is a mainstream, highly respected Bible-based informational programme for its faith-based audience. This DVD contains the fascinating video footage that was recorded for the 1OnOneShow, featuring a length discussion on Aramaic between Ewan MacLeod and Damon Davis. It was broadcast between December 2015 and into early 2016.

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The interview and discussion provides incredible behind-the-scenes footage into the fascinating world of Aramaic and what it offers to the Bible student. Watch the video below for an introduction...

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