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Aramaic Alphabet - Estrangela Course Overview


This optional Course is built on the foundation of the Hebrew/Aramaic Alphabet (Ashuri) Course. It extends that foundation Course to cover the Estrangela script used by Aramaic, and in particular the Aramaic Old Testament and the Aramaic New Testament.

This Course is useful if you have a strong interest in Aramaic and if you want to expand the resources available to you as you study either Aramaic Bible manuscripts, or the Aramaic Old and/or New Testaments.

Course Prerequisites:

The following are Prerequisites for this Course:

Course Duration:

Typically 2-3 weeks if you are working on it every day, but it depends on your experience and how much you know already. However, you can complete this Course in your own time and at your own pace.

Course Cost:

The Course is free to Subscribers and is available once you have Subscribed.

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