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Aramaic and the Old Testament

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Having had an introduction to the history of Aramaic and looked at Aramaic from the beginnings of human history, we now take a look at Aramaic in the pages of the Old Testament.

We see that Aramaic is mentioned in the Law (Genesis), the Prophets (Jeremiah) and the Writings (Ezra and Daniel). Aramaic goes as far back as Ur of the Chaldees in ancient Mesopotamia, through the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, and beyond.

Truly, to fully understand the history and culture of the Old Testament, as well as the Old Testament itself, we need to understand Aramaic.

In future lessons, we will take a closer look at Aramaic and its use in the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek and Roman Empires, as well as later time periods.

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