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Aramaic in the New Testament

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Having read for ourselves the testimony of Josephus that Aramaic was "our language" and "the language of our country", we have established that Aramaic was the language that Jesus and the disciples would have spoken. See also the lesson Aramaic - the Language of Jesus.

With that background, therefore, in this lesson we take a step further and examine the use of Aramaic in the New Testament. Scattered throughout the New Testament, there are Aramaic words and phrases, Aramaic place-names, and the names of ordinary people are also often Aramaic. This again testifies to the cultural background of Aramaic which the New Testament was written in, a cultural background which we stray from at our peril.

Make sure you also study the lesson Aramaic and the Old Testament. Together, these two lessons establish the importance of Aramaic in the Holy Scriptures.

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