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Aramaic Alphabet Flashcards (Ashuri)

Aramaic Alphabet Flashcards

The first step on the journey to learn Aramaic is to learn the Aramaic Alphabet... and the first and most important script (Alphabet) is the 'Ashuri' letters. These letters are also used in Hebrew, but they were originally an Aramaic Alphabet. This is the basis for all the later Aramaic scripts.

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Flashcards have been proven, through research and practical experience, to be the fastest and easiest way to learn both vocabulary... and the Aramaic Alphabet. They allow you to test yourself any time, any where, on any day. Put them in a pocket or purse, take them with you, and you're good to go.

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This set of "Cut Out and Keep" Aramaic Alphabet Flashcards, in the Ashuri script, allow you to cut out the full set of Flashcards using scissors and get going within minutes. There is a whole collection of Flashcards here, covering the letters on their own, plus all the combinations of both letters and vowels. By the time you have learned these, you will be able to read Aramaic words (even if slowly) and eager to progress to the next step.

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Using these Aramaic Flashcards cannot be recommended highly enough. Once you have learned the Aramaic Alphabet, the door is wide open to learn everything else. It all begins here.

This Workbook is Spiral-bound on US Letter size paper, printed on black-and-white paper, and consists of 50 pages.

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