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A Brief History of Aramaic

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In this introductory lesson to the History and Background of Aramaic, we provide a brief historical introduction to Aramaic.

In Part 1, we find that, in just a few centuries, English has radically changed - so much so, in fact, that native English speakers would actually struggle to understand the language as we go back century after century. And if we go back less than 1000 years, English is a totally different language compared with what we speak today. It is barely recognisable.

If we compare that situation with Aramaic, however, we find that Aramaic has lasted down through more than 4000 years of human history - to remain the same understandable language as it was back in the beginning. It is a remarkable story, which we look at in this lesson.

We also trace the use of Aramaic down through the centuries, and down through the millennia - through several world empires, through several countries and civilisations, and through the pages of the Bible.

In Part 2, we look at the history of Aramaic through the CAL - the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon.

The link for the CAL is:

This lesson will provide you with the background and orientation you need to understand the importance of Aramaic.

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Ellie BoothHi Ewan I have found this first lesson amazing! I had no idea how Aramaic has evolved through the centuries and am looking forward to learning more, from your site and from the Lexicon. I am learning Biblical Hebrew and am starting a Biblical Aramaic course at the end of November so might have a quick look at those lessons before then. Hope it won't confuse things! Thanks for the great start.
Myrna AtyahHello Ewan, This is a great comprehensive introduction, as a linguist, I truly appreciate the effort and the research in addition to the systematic methods you are using in your website, this is one of the few places on line where you can find such rich information about Aramaic (the language and the history)... Moreover, Thanks for referring to other websites and online societies related to Aramaic studies, it shows honest and academic dedication to spreading and keeping Aramaic alive...
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions on this introduction to the history of Aramaic!