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How Difficult is Aramaic to Learn?

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Many people take one look at the Aramaic Alphabet and think that because it looks so different from English, it must be difficult, and so most people never get beyond the first step of learning the Aramaic Alphabet. That is why we have put so much effort into producing these video lessons on the Aramaic Alphabet - we really want you to learn Aramaic!

We hope this video lesson will inspire you and encourage you to learn Aramaic, starting with the Alphabet. Once you get past this hurdle, you will find that Aramaic really isn't as difficult a language as you might think.

So watch this introductory video, and then just get started watching the other videos. Just take it one video at a time. You will soon surprise yourself by how far you have come!

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sachin josephi want to learn this language because it is my dream so plz... kindly help me.
Sigrid WentzensenI speak Spanish and have some knowledge of German. I believe this is the most important language though because Jesus spoke it!
Jason norwoodI want to learn so if I ever meet Jesus I can speak his language and yes I unde he speaks all languages and may even not speak but only communicate by thoughts who knows but I would love to read the Dead Sea scrolls
Ewan MacLeodIf you want to learn Aramaic, here's the most important piece of advice I can give you... Just get started. Get started, and keep going. That's the secret to learning anything. Most people never get started... They just think how wonderful it would be if they could do it!
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions about this lesson on how difficult Aramaic is to learn!
Jacob BowerHello. My name is Jacob Bower and I am twelve years old and have a fascination with the Bible. I love your site. Thank you so much!