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Biblical Aramaic Audio DVD

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Biblical Aramaic Audio DVD

Due to repeated requests, we have created this unique DVD containing narrations (MP3 recordings) of the Biblical Aramaic portions of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), i.e. those sections which are written in Aramaic rather than Hebrew. This includes the Aramaic portions of:

  • the Law or Torah (Genesis 31v47),
  • the Prophets (Jeremiah 10v11), and
  • the Writings (Daniel chapters 2 to 7, and Ezra chapters 4 to 7).

NOTE: To read the text of Biblical Aramaic, you need to know ONLY the Ashuri script.

If you want to study Biblical Aramaic, this really is an essential next step in understanding Aramaic. Being able to hear Aramaic spoken, as well as reading the text, helps immensely to embed the sounds of Aramaic in your mind, and is much more effective than simply reading the text yourself, or studying a book of Biblical Aramaic grammar.

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This DVD contains MP3 files of the Aramaic portions of the Hebrew Bible. The text is spoken aloud, and recorded as a series of high-quality MP3 files. The DVD contains two independent sets of readings, in both male and female voices, and both by native Israelis, who were fluent in Hebrew as their native language, as well as knowing Aramaic well. The recordings were narrated by:

  • Avraham Shmueloff (male voice)
  • Reut Karni (female voice)

Here are some samples from this Biblical Aramaic Audio DVD:

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Jeremiah 10v11 .mp3 February 07, 2016 325.30 KB Download
Genesis 31v47 .mp3 February 07, 2016 86.93 KB Download
Daniel 2 .mp3 February 07, 2016 16.69 MB Download


If you already know the Aramaic Alphabet in the Ashuri script, listening to the recordings on this DVD will give you lots of reading and listening practice in understanding the Aramaic text, and is an essential next step in understanding Biblical Aramaic. This DVD cannot be recommended highly enough if your interest lies in Biblical Aramaic.

This DVD contains OVER 2 HOURS of MP3 recordings, with the Aramaic portions of the Old Testament recorded for you. There are separate folders for each of the recordings. The MP3 files should play on any modern computer, including smartphones.

NOTE: Our Biblical Aramaic Readings Workbook is an ideal companion to this DVD. This Workbook contains all the Aramaic portions which are narrated on this DVD, but in a convenient spiral-bound Workbook that allows you to take notes as you read the text, or listen to it. Why not buy both to learn even faster?

We make further DVDs available on a regular basis, so be sure to keep coming back to this website to see whether we have added any further DVDs. Alternatively, you may prefer to subscribe to, since then you will have access to our growing library of all the latest videos and study materials, which we are constantly adding to.

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NOTE 1: This is a Data DVD, not a video DVD. In other words, it contains computer files such as PDF documents and MP3 recordings, and you therefore need a computer to display these files. It is not a movie/video DVD that you would watch on a DVD Player.

NOTE 2: We manufacture our DVDs through an independent company called Kunaki, and you will be taken to Kunaki's web site for purchase. Your PayPal or Credit Card will show the purchase as being through Kunaki.

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