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At Jesus Spoke Aramaic, our aim is to provide a comprehensive series of lessons and videos that will help you to understand Aramaic, why Aramaic is so important, and the Biblical context of Aramaic. You can watch the videos and launch the interactive lessons as many times as you like until you understand the material. We believe this is a superb approach which will benefit many, many people.

The approach taken at Jesus Spoke Aramaic is best suited to individuals who want to learn by themselves, at their own pace. You can also use our lessons and resources to learn Aramaic in groups, if you can find like-minded students either in your local area, or online.

But depending on how you learn, you may prefer to learn Aramaic interactively, with other students, in a classroom situation. Currently, we cannot provide the number or quality of teachers that would allow coaching to individuals or groups. However, in the meantime, we have partnered with other organizations that do provide this proven approach. We have searched for organizations that we, personally, have experience of, and which have an established track record of teaching Aramaic.

As a result, we have partnered with eTeacher in Israel, to help you to learn Biblical Aramaic in an online virtual classroom. This provides a superb complement to the material you find at Jesus Spoke Aramaic. Many students find that they learn faster with other students in virtual online classes. This allows you to learn Aramaic from the comfort of your own home, at a convenient time, when you can attend a virtual classroom and learn Biblical Aramaic with other students. You can ask questions, take notes, and interact with the teacher and other students.

Here is how this method works:

  • The Biblical Aramaic classes are run by Israeli teachers in Israel - teachers whose mother tongue is Hebrew, but who have also grown up with Aramaic as part of their culture, who are all highly qualified teachers, and whose knowledge of Aramaic is excellent.
  • Several levels of Biblical Aramaic classes are held weekly at regular, convenient times.
  • People around the world connect to the Biblical Aramaic classes from their home, via a broadband connection, using headphones and speakers.
  • You see the Biblical Aramaic lessons being taught on your computer screen. You listen to the Aramaic teacher and the other students. You can ask questions. You are truly immersed in Biblical Aramaic, just as you would if you attended a class in person.
  • Right from the start, you will be reading and studying passages, in Aramaic, from the Bible. This is not a theoretical course on grammar theory, but a real-life introduction to verses from the Hebrew Bible, but in Aramaic.
  • You will see connections between passages of the Bible in Aramaic that you never imagined were even there, if you have only ever read an English translation. It will help to consolidate your understanding of the material presented on this website.
  • You are given a student locker with access to further Aramaic learning resources. You can re-play all the lessons again and again, in your own time.

The key to learning Biblical Aramaic properly is to be immersed in the language, but immersed at the right level and pace for you. You need to understand what you are reading, be able to ask questions, and pick up new Biblical Aramaic words and grammar steadily. You need to be in a Biblical Aramaic class with other students who are also at the same level. To do this, eTeacher provides different levels of Biblical Aramaic classes to make sure you enter at the correct level - not too easy, but not too hard. You can review previous Aramaic lessons throughout the week.

For those who would like to learn in a group, this is a truly excellent way to learn Biblical Aramaic. Whatever your background, you will be able to study Biblical Aramaic at a level, and at a pace, which is right for you.

Click on the links on this page to find out more, and to get a further explanation of how the whole process works.


Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments and questions about learning Biblical Aramaic in a virtual classroom situation!