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Serta - What's Different?

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Now that you have been introduced to the Serta script, in this lesson we compare it to the Ashuri and Estrangela scripts, and see what is different about Serta.

In general, Serta is a continuation of the same sort of changes that were already happening in Estrangela. As the Ashuri script changed to Estrangela, Serta extends these changes further. Serta is generally more cursive than Ashuri and Estrangela - in other words, it is easier to write with pen and paper, and easier to write in one flowing movement.

As you study this lesson, it would be helpful to review the corresponding lesson showing how Estrangela is different from Ashuri:

Bear in mind that learning Serta is optional, but if your interest lies with the Peshitta Old Testament and the Peshitta New Testament, it will greatly increase the number of resources that are available to you.

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