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Aramaic and the Medo-Persian Empire

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In previous lessons, we have looked at the use of Aramaic in the Assyrian Empire and the Babylonian Empire, as well as the pivotal point where Aramaic becomes the normal spoken language of the Jewish people after the Babylonian exile, the captivity into Babylon.

In this lesson, as we continue our journey in time looking at the major Biblical empires across the Middle East, we next come to the Medo-Persian Empire. Like the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires before it, Aramaic was the lingua franca, or common language, of Medo-Persian Empire. It was both the official language, and the language of the ordinary people.

Following the Babylonian exile, where Jews now spoke primarily Aramaic, the continued use of Aramaic in the Medo-Persian Empire only served to strengthen the use of Aramaic as a spoken language amongst the Jewish people. In fact, as we shall see in this lesson, Jews rose to positions of power and authority in the Medo-Persian Empire, which further increased the importance of Aramaic.

In the next lessons, we shall continue our journey through time by looking at Aramaic and its use in the Greek and Roman Empires. We shall uncover some amazing and exciting events that shaped the future, and paved the way for the Messiah, Jesus, as the Son of God.

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