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How To Learn Hebrew/Aramaic Vocabulary Course Overview


Once you are comfortable reading Hebrew and/or Aramaic, this is a highly recommended stand-alone Course which will greatly enhance your progress in learning Hebrew and/or Aramaic. To really make good progress in either language, it is essential that you learn vocabulary - and lots of it - so that you can recognise and understand what you are reading.

But you have probably never been taught how to learn vocabulary, and as a result most people make little or no real progress in learning the original languages of Scripture. This fascinating Course aims to change all that. You will finally learn how to learn vocabulary. As a result, you will be able to learn more Biblical words, faster than you ever thought possible, and this will have enormous benefits in your ability to understand the Biblical text.

First, you will discover various methods for learning vocabulary - such as notebooks, lists of words, Flashcards and so on, and what the benefits of each of these are. You will learn which methods work, and which do not, and why. But you will also go on to examine various methods of bulk-learning vocabulary - that is, methods to learn very large numbers of words every day. You will learn why learning the commonest words first is such an enormous benefit.

You will also learn what to do when you forget words, or if you struggle with some words. These approaches and methods of learning Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek are incredibly effective, and they were pioneered by Ewan as he studied the Holy Scriptures. You will learn them all in this truly unique and truly practical Course.

This Course also serves as an excellent step towards some of our more detailed and systematic courses in Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Aramaic. This Course uses Hebrew (mainly from the book of Genesis) as the main teaching example, but the principles apply equally to Biblical Aramaic (and Biblical Greek too!).

Course Prerequisites:

The following are Prerequisites for this Course:

Course Duration:

Typically 2-4 weeks if you are working on it every day, but it depends on your experience and how much you know already. However, you can complete this Course in your own time and at your own pace.

Course Cost:

The Course is free to Subscribers and is available once you have Subscribed.

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