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Aramaic - The Language of Jesus

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In this crucial lesson, we examine the various lines of evidence which, together, help to show that Aramaic was the language which Jesus spoke - as well as the disciples, and Jews in Israel in general, in the first century A.D.

We will take a look at what the main encyclopaedias say, including Wikipedia, the New Advent encyclopaedia, the International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, and Encyclopaedia Brittanica. All agree that Aramaic (not Greek!) was the language of Jesus, as we have repeatedly said on this website.

However, we also look at several entire books which go into the evidence in further detail. It has all been carefully documented beforehand, for those who desire to find out more.

We also introduce the forthcoming lessons in this series which, together, show how important a Biblical and cultural language Aramaic was... and still is.

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