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On this page, we keep you informed about the latest developments on the website, and anything new which we have recently added...

Ways To Contact Us (NEW!)

We have recently joined Twitter and FaceBook, so please join us on Social Media and help spread the message that Aramaic has to offer.

You can reach me on Twitter @BibleEwan

And on FaceBook at

Or you can find me at my book website,

Finally, to contact me directly about this website, email me at JesusSpokeAramaic at

Podcasts and Webinars (NEW!)

We have recently introduced Podcasts and Live Webinars which are free for everyone to attend (and highly recommended).

You can find out more about Podcasts by looking under Events/Podcasts. We now have Podcasts on iTunes, which you can find by either searching for Jesus Spoke Aramaic, or go to:

You can find out more about the Live Webinars we run by looking under Events/Webinars and discover what subject is going to be covered next! Please attend a Live Webinar... They are interactive, they are fun, you can ask questions, and they are free! You can also get access to the last Webinar if you are not able to attend in person.

And Podcasts are ideal for listening to as you travel or to learn Aramaic in your spare time.

Private Hebrew and Aramaic Coaching Program

Subscribing to Jesus Spoke Aramaic is an excellent choice for most people because it provides you with full access to a wealth of video lessons on Aramaic and many other resources. However, you might prefer to be privately coached and to progress at a pace that is faster than you ever imagined possible, covering EXACTLY what subjects YOU want to cover. If that sounds like you, we now offer an exclusive Private Hebrew and Aramaic Coaching Program. Take a look at the Coaching link above, and read through the material to see whether this would be of interest to you...

New Lessons on the Aramaic New Testament

We are currently adding a new group of lessons on the History of the Aramaic New Testament. We will provide some very unique evidence showing how the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament has traditionally been regarded, down through the centuries, by people in both the East and West. We find that the Peshitta has been universally hailed as ancient, authentic, and probably more authoritative and reliable than every other textual tradition. This was the case right up into the early 1900s, at which time a concerted attempt was made in the academic world to replace the traditional textual base of the New Testament, in use for millennia, with a completely new text. Although the goal was to replace the Greek New Testament traditionally in use, the Aramaic Peshitta was "collateral damage", since it too preserved centuries of tradition. We will therefore find that the current academic views of the Peshitta are actually very recent, and are in stark contrast with almost two thousand years of recorded and reliable history!

The History of the Aramaic NT - Introduction

The History of the Aramaic NT - God Has Promised To Preserve His Word

New Series: Questions and Answers on Aramaic

We have started a new series of lessons - this time with Questions and Answers on Aramaic. We get many questions related to Aramaic, and this provides an opportunity to get those questions answered. Here are the Q&A sessions we have added so far:

Q&A Session - Introduction

Q&A Session - Translations of the Aramaic Peshitta NT

Q&A Session - The Aramaic Dialects "Family Tree"

Q&A Session - Aramaic Resources on e-Sword

New Lessons on the Swadaya Script

To complete the lessons on the various scripts of the Aramaic Alphabet that have been used historically over time, we have started to create a new series on the Swadaya script. Swadaya is also known as the Eastern, Madnahaya or Modern Script, and is used for some editions of the Aramaic Old and New Testaments, as well as in Modern (Neo) Aramaic.

Introduction to Swadaya

Swadaya - What It Gives You

New Printed Book - "Jesus Spoke Aramaic: The Reasons Why, & Why It Matters"

Jesus Spoke Aramaic - The Reasons WhyWe have just released a superb new book which provides a decisive and compelling introduction into the key lines of evidence that Jesus spoke Aramaic, also showing that Aramaic was the dominant spoken and written language amongst Jews in Israel in the 1st century. This book provides an excellent overview of this fascinating subject, and is ideal way to learn things quickly. There is also an accompanying DVD which contains a PDF of the entire book, MP3 Audio files of the entire book being narrated, a special introductory video presentation, and several video lessons which explain certain aspects of the book in further detail.

Jesus Spoke Aramaic - The Reasons Why (Book)

Jesus Spoke Aramaic - The Reasons Why (Companion DVD)

The Lord's Prayer Study Guide and CD

We have recently improved The Lord's Prayer Study Guide, and produced an accompanying Meditational Audio CD. The Lord's Prayer is the model prayer which Jesus gives to his disciples in Matthew chapter 6. If you would like to learn this special prayer in Aramaic, the combination of the Study Guide and the Meditational Audio CD provides everything you need.

The Lord's Prayer Study Guide

The Lord's Prayer Meditational Audio CD

God willing, further Study Guides and accompanying Meditational CDs will be produced for other well-known Bible passages over time. Let us know if there are any particular passages that you would like us to cover.

Aramaic New Testament Audio

Exciting news! We have now completed recording the entire Aramaic Peshitta New Testament, narrated as a series of MP3 Audio files. This is a very exciting project, because recording the entire New Testament in Aramaic, and making it available to the general public, has NEVER been done before. It is something which many people have been requesting for literally years... and now it is available!

You can take a closer look at the Aramaic Peshitta NT Audio DVD here:

Aramaic Peshitta NT Audio DVD

Jesus Spoke Aramaic in the Media

Now that is gaining in importance, we are starting to get recognition in the mainstream media. We have therefore created a new Media section on the website which will help the media to understand what Aramaic has to offer, and why is such a superb place to start.

For all the Aramaic enthusiasts out there, be sure to contact local media, churches, television and radio, and spread the Word about what Aramaic has to offer. Together, let's bring Aramaic to the world!