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A Tour of the website

Here, I provide you with a quick video tour of Jesus Spoke Aramaic, and a few things you need to know.

This tour will help you decide if this website is right for you, and whether you want to subscribe.

Remember that this tour of the website is updated only periodically, which means that the website will definitely have grown since the video tour was last done, and the video below will therefore be slightly out-of-date. In other words, this website is getting bigger and bigger all the time!

Watch the Video Lesson

ronFantastic website and great resource. It is not clear however if all your videos are complete enough to learn how to read Aramaic. You have all the alphabets but not much on if it continues on how to read the Peshitta.
Ewan MacLeodFeel free to leave comments or questions about this tour of the website!
Ewan MacLeodHi Ron, happy to hear that you like the website. Yes, the lessons completely cover all the main alphabets letter by letter, plus, once you subscribe, there is another complete set of lessons on Learning Aramaic for Beginners. This takes you from knowing the individual letters to being able to read words and phrases...