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Private Aramaic Coaching Program

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Costs & Payment

Ewan has worked hard to make the cost of this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program available to more people. But he also wants to work with people like you, individually, long enough for you to see a real difference, and to achieve all the individual goals that you have set for yourself.

To do this, the best way is for Ewan to work with you for a month at a time, on an ongoing basis, until you feel that you have achieved everything that you set out to do. For some people, that may be only a month or two. For others, it may be a long-term commitment that you know will lead to a beneficial relationship lasting years, in which you will truly understand the Holy Scriptures more deeply and intimately than you can ever imagine now.

For these reasons, the best way to take part in the Coaching Program is to commit to a month at a time on an ongoing basis. You can continue for as long or as short as you need to achieve your goals. But rest assured, Ewan will work with you to make sure you attain the maximum possible benefit for the Coaching Program, and you will benefit long after leaving the Coaching Program.

To achieve these goals, the cost is $499 per month, including (from Ewan) all the time you need for him to create the resources he needs to help you, including unlimited emails from Ewan, as well as weekly catch-up sessions including private Webinars, screen-sharing, and many other resources that he will make available to you. 

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What The Coaching Package includes:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Coaching Package includes the following:

  • FREE LIFETIME access to the website (currently worth $499).
  • FREE access to EVERY DVD and EVERY CD currently available. We will send these to you by mail to your home address. (This is currently worth around $300).
  • FREE UNLIMITED email access to Ewan, personally, to ask questions, for the entire duration of your Coaching Program.
  • FREE access to your own special area of the website which Ewan will create specially for you, for all the custom resources that he will make available to you as part of the Coaching Program.
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