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What is the difference between Teaching and Coaching?

This Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is about COACHING, rather than just TEACHING. What is the difference?

Teaching is generally curriculum based. It is run by a teacher who takes students through a designated course. It is, by definition, a one-size-fits-all approach. For some students, the pace will be too slow, and they will get bored and stop. For other students, the pace will be too fast and they will get left behind. Hopefully YOU will fall somewhere in the middle!

By contrast, coaching is tailored, highly customized, and designed for YOUR individual needs. It goes at YOUR pace. It is for YOU, and YOU ONLY. It covers what YOU want, and what YOU need. We will change pace. We will change direction if you want to. Sometimes we will go fast, if you are happy with that. Sometimes we will go slow and cover difficult subjects slowly. We will move on when YOU are ready. But more importantly, we will chart a route through an immense amount of possible knowledge, to find the path that fits you the best. Think of it as safely being led through a maze of possibilities, by someone who knows the maze inside out.

Think of Teaching as being like taking a tour in a boat round the harbor and a mile out to sea, then back, along with all the other tourists. Think of Coaching as being like chartering a sailing boat and a crew, and sailing out to an island or a destination of your choice, having fun, going to another island or city of your choice, staying for a while if you want, or setting sail for another destination – and the journey can last as long or as short as you wish. You can go anywhere, see anything, go at your pace, and you are in full control.

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