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Why Is This Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program So Effective?

In the video below, Ewan explains the journey through which he learned Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

What you will find is that conventional methods of learning Biblical Languages - such as reading through a Grammar - just don't work, or at least don't work quickly enough for you to see real progress and be motivated enough to keep going. Most people buy a grammar, but it ends up on the shelf, unused (or barely used) for years.

I had this problem too. I made progress, but not in the timescales that I wanted.

But then I found what works... And this revolutionised my progress in learning Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

In this video, then, I explain my journey into the world of learning the main Biblical Languages, and how I found methods and approaches that work. This explains why this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program really works - because I can help you with the same journey that I myself have taken. I will open up to you all the resources I have used in the past, and/or I will create new resources especially for you - depending on what books of the Bible you most want to learn.

And remember - although the primary focus of this website is Aramaic, these methods also work for Hebrew and Greek too. Many people coming to this website are also interested in Biblical Hebrew, and the Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program allows you to leverage both languages together for even faster progress!

So go ahead and watch the video below, and see why conventional approaches to learning Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek just do not work - and why this Coaching program is so exciting for those who want to massively accelerate their learning!

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Lessons Learned

Here are the main lessons that you can learn from my journey:

  • First, it took time. As I say on the website, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  • There were long stretches of time when I learned, but just not very profitably. Reading through a grammar, for instance, was beneficial but slow.
  • It is better to keep Grammars as reference works, dipping into them only when you need to.
  • It is critical to learn vocabulary as you go along, learning the commonest words first.
  • Learning vocabulary is essential. This is what leap-frogs progress in an amazing way.
  • Luckily, I developed some very unique ways to learn huge amounts of vocabulary quickly, using spreadsheets. I can help you with that :-)
  • Reading the Bible text alongside learning vocabulary was what resulted in really breakthrough progress. It also grew confidence and helped increase motivation.

During this Coaching Program, of course, I will help you to learn the fastest possible way. I have pioneered these revolutionary ways of learning Hebrew and Aramaic (and Greek!) and I can help you, too. Don't waste your time with other approaches. Work with me, and I will change your life.

Ewan MacLeodFeel free to ask questions or leave comments on how Ewan learned Hebrew and Aramaic!