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Private Aramaic Coaching Program

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Who is this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program For?

This unique Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is ideal for you, IF:

  • You are highly motivated and will be prepared to commit time to learning Hebrew and/or Aramaic outside of the (usually weekly) sessions.
  • You really want to learn Hebrew, or Aramaic, or a blend of both.
  • You find the thought of being able to read and understand the Holy Scriptures in the original languages very exciting!
  • You most likely have specific areas that you want to learn about - and those could be anything that is specific to you.
  • You want to understand specific passages of Scripture.
  • You want to learn at the fastest possible pace - days instead of weeks, weeks instead of months, months instead of years!
  • You have blockages that currently hinder you, such as feeling that there are areas you do not understand, or you need to work time around other work/life commitments, or you lack certain resources, or you are overwhelmed by the amount to learn, and so on.
  • You have lots of questions to which you need answers!

If that sounds like you, then this Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is exactly what you need, right now, in your journey towards understanding the Word of God more intimately.

The Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program is open to anyone and everyone who fits the above criteria, but in particular:

  • Current knowledge is NOT important. Whether you know next to nothing, or you are already very experienced, I will work with you to develop a custom path that takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be - in the fastest possible time.
  • Geography is not a barrier. While my geography is limited, yours does not have to be. We will work flexibly over the Internet at mutually agreed days and times.
  • Age is not a barrier. This Coaching Program is open for young and old alike. Desire, plus a willingness to learn, is all I need from you!
  • Gender is not a barrier. The Coaching Program works for both males and females alike, depending on your individual goals and aspirations.
  • Beliefs are not a barrier. This Coaching Program is a non-denominational approach designed purely to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic in connection with the Bible, and is free of doctrinal bias and sectarianism.
  • Background is not a barrier. In fact, I will adapt the Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching resources and material to fit in with your background and current knowledge.
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