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Private Aramaic Coaching Program

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Is there a way to get the Coaching Program CHEAPER, or even FREE?

Yes, there is. If you refer just THREE people who take up the Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program, I will give you your Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program for free for as long as they stay subscribed. As a Thank You for bringing in other people, I will give you access to everything, just as if you had paid.

But even if you refer just one or two people who take up the Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program, I will give you ONE THIRD of their combined number of months. For instance, if you refer one person who stays for 6 months, I will give you two free months. If you referred two people who each stayed for three months, I will give you two free months. Quite simply, I am happy to work with you, in a mutually beneficial way, if you refer people to me. You will be very grateful you did!

Either way, if you refer people, I will work with you in exactly the same way that I work with everyone else. You will get all the same benefits as if you had bought your own Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Package, meaning that YOU will get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to the website, PLUS you will be sent every DVD and every CD currently available, PLUS you will get your own special area on the website, and so on.

Interested, but want to know more?

If you use the Contact form below to get in touch, I will get back to you with any questions you may have.

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Ewan MacLeodIf you have any comments or questions about the Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching Program and you would like me to contact you, please leave your details here and I will get back to you!