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It Costs Too Much!

You may think that Subscribing to this website in order to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic will cost you too much. But think of how much you would LOVE to be able to read and understand the Holy Scriptures in the original languages. What options do you have? Typically to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, you would have to buy at least a Hebrew Bible, probably one or more Hebrew and/or Aramaic Grammars, a book on Vocabulary, as well as Lexicons, Dictionaries, Interlinears, and probably a bunch of other courses and subscriptions as well.

You will end up paying much less in the end if you Subscribe to this website, where everything is under one roof, where everything is systematically presented to you in bite-sized chunks, all at the right time, for the exact stage you need, without requiring you to buy other resources. This website will work out cheaper in the end.

But really, your objection to cost may have more to do with commitment. You probably do not really want to commit anything - either time or money - to learning God's Word. You will find that Subscribing gives you motivation, commitment, and a reason to work at this! You will want to see if you are getting your money's worth. Time and time again, we have found that people who want free subscriptions have no commitment to learning. They place no value on learning God's Word. And consequently, they make no progress - ever! Years later, they are still in the same position, of wanting something which they will never commit to actually getting.

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The Bottom Line

Life is too short for excuses! If you really want to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, just get started already! Make your dream a reality! This website is different to every other method you may have tried in the past. All our Lessons and our Hebrew/Aramaic Courses are available to Subscribers. Once you Subscribe, you can just start any Course, and proceed at your own pace.

Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching is also available for those who want accelerated learning results, or who have specific needs.