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I Find It Hard To Learn Vocabulary!

Perhaps you have memories from school about the difficulty of learning vocabulary, or you have tried learning vocabulary in the past (maybe through modern languages such as French, German or Spanish). If you think that learning Biblical Hebrew and/or Biblical Aramaic may be difficult for these reasons, then this video will show you why this is not the case.

First, you have probably just been given a bunch of words to learn and told to get on with it. You have probably never been shown how to learn vocabulary. Once you know how to do something, it becomes much easier.

On this website, we have an entire course on how to learn vocabulary! These methods work extremely well for Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, and for Biblical Greek too. Once you start using these methods, you will find that it becomes enjoyable, even fun, to learn vocabulary, as you enjoy the process and start to challenge yourself to learn more and more words in each session!

Watch the Video!

The Bottom Line

Life is too short for excuses! If you really want to learn Hebrew and/or Aramaic, just get started already! Make your dream a reality! This website is different to every other method you may have tried in the past. All our Lessons and our Hebrew/Aramaic Courses are available to Subscribers. Once you Subscribe, you can just start any Course, and proceed at your own pace.

Private Hebrew/Aramaic Coaching is also available for those who want accelerated learning results, or who have specific needs.